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10 Incredible Icelandic Scenes that You Cannot Miss

Iceland is a wonderful place in the world that allows you to see many fantastic scenes at once and bring you a lot closer to the nature. If you are going on a road trip while you are there, surely you won't be able to miss any of these incredible Icelandic scenes in many reachable locations. Don't blink or you'll regret it!

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Northern Lights in iceland

Are you lucky enough to see Aurora Lights with your own eyes?

There's a possibility that you won't be able to see any Northern Lights during your week-long Iceland trip. It is always advised that you should join a local tour and follow them for a Northern Lights hunting. Not just check the weather condition every day, every night, but also the Aurora scales and see if the intensity is high enough for you to see the lights in person. With good weather condition, clear sky, high intensity and a little bit of luck, you're all set to go!

Black Sand Beach Iceland

When Black Sand Beach was Covered by White Snow...

The colour of sand is commonly known as beige brown but here in Iceland you'll be able to find a sand beach in black. All thanks to the volcano in the country. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach might not be a thing to you, but you know, when you are visiting Iceland in Winter, these tiny blackest sands are covered by the whitest snow ever. This is what we call it unique.

Iceberg Fragments are All Over the Diamond Beach

The first thing comes to everyone's mind: Are there real diamond laying all over the beach? Of course, no. But obviously there is something more interesting than a piece of diamond to be found in a black sand beach. Iceberg fragments can be found everywhere over the Diamond Beach. The size of those iceberg fragments varies; they could be as small as a piece of crystal jewellery, or as giant as a beautiful sculpture masterpiece. What a cool place to take photos with!

The Great Geysir in Iceland

The Great Geysir is Worth the Wait

You could never expect when the Geysir erupted and it could give you a heart attack when it finally bursted out. It could take up to 5-10 minutes until the next eruption; or sometimes it slowed down a little bit and took 5 more minutes to erupt. It's very hard to say to exact waiting time, but this is why you should always get your camera ready. You'll find out that it's totally worth the wait.

Solheimajokull Glacier Iceland

Back to the Ice Age at Glacier

Visiting a glacier in Iceland allows you to travel back in time to the Ice Age. Solheimajokull Glacier is one of the most visited attractions in the area of Vik. The 360-degree view was fascinating and definitely jaw-dropping. Make sure you wear plenty of clothes and a pair of strong hiking trainers because you will be climbing to the top of a snow mountain for observing this one-of-a-kind landscape.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Visit Hot Springs in Iceland

Nothing is better than enjoying a hot spring in Iceland during wintertime! Blue Lagoon is totally everyone's all-time favourite and it's one of a must-dos for your trip in Reykjavik. Expect full house and crowds in the most visited hot spring in the country or try Secret Lagoon for a not-so-secret but less busy hot spring for a somehow better and more private experience.

A Cave that You Can Only Find in Winter

Sometimes it's worth freezing to see such a wonderful scene on earth. Nature creates ice caves hidden in Iceland; it's very hard to spot them yourself. You won't be able to explore the caves on your own but you can always join a local tour and they will take you to the caves with ease. It's not just worth freezing, but also every penny you spent! Don't wait until they melt for summer!

Eurasian and North American Tectonic Plates in Iceland

Visit "Europe" and "North America" at the Same Time

You may not know that Iceland coincidentally sits on North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. By visiting the tectonic plate areas, you'll be able to be at "Europe" and "North America" at the same time. You'll also be able to walk in-between the gap of these two plates. How wonderful to have travelled to two "places" at once!

Kerid Crater Volcano in Iceland

Take A Risk and Step on the Crater of a Volcano

If you dare, one thing you can only do during winter is to take a risk and walk on a volcano crater covered by snows. Kerid Crater is the closest reachable inactive volcano near the city. In summer, the crater will become a lake that it's forbidden for swimming. So, now or never, risk it all, or play safe of course!

Faxi Waterfall Iceland

Enjoy the Stunning Views of Waterfalls in Iceland

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Iceland but we found Gullfoss Falls and Faxi Waterfall (as shown in picture) particularly gorgeous. Some waterfalls may be frozen for the whole wintertime due to super low temperature. Climb up high and look down to the waterfalls, this feeling is spectacular and like no others.



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