12 Best Restaurants in Tusen Wan

Tusen Wan is a busy district with loads of decent cafes and high-end restaurants, where you can easily find a variety of cuisine types from Chinese and Western to meaty and vegetarian. If you are running out of eating out ideas, take a deep glimpse of this article, save it up for later!

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Modern Veggie Restaurant in Tusen Wan

Leisurely Veggie

G08-11 Citywalk 2, Tusen Wan

There is quite a few different vegetarian restaurants around in Tusen Wan but this one absolutely stands out from the crowd. They are literally specialised in making meat-like dishes with vegetarian ingredients only. Look at the drumsticks - do they look like chicken to you? They are actually made with tofu skin and bamboo sticks. The quality of food was unexpectedly good as the taste was rich and the texture was meaty but we all knew there weren't any meat in it. Eating vegetarian doesn't mean to be boring. What an overwhelming idea!

Overall : ★★★★☆

Healthy Fusion Food in Tusen Wan

Homu by Favilla

No. 2013 D Park, Tusen Wan

Eating burger and fries doesn't have to be unhealthy... look at this one here at Homu by Favilla, they offer burgers that come with their signature oven-baked sweet potato fries in three different colours, or you can even go for a creamy pasta with mushroom for an even healthier choice. Everything comes in a set with a cup of tea and a daily soup. They all taste healthy, and tasty at the same time!

Overall : ★★★★☆

Evil Dishes for Foodie in Tusen Wan

Cafe Swan

G30-33 Kolour 2. Tusen Wan

This cafe do evil dishes that no one can resist them. Their fried chicken nuggets with a creamy cheese dipping in a charcoal bun are just mouth-watering. This is very filling so it's recommended to have it shared. Feed your second stomach with their huge American waffle - it's simply so fluffy that you are gonna die!

Overall : ★★★★☆

Japanese Hotpot & Dessert in Tusen Wan

Antoshimo Cafe & Bakery

No. 1066 D Park, Tusen Wan

This small cafe offers takeaway Japanese mochi pudding and eat-in hotpot with your choice of dishes. Their hotpot comes in a set of certain things that you can choose from the menu; basically you can order from chicken and beef to fish and seafood, anything you think of could possibly go into the hot stone bowl. Leave some space for their signature desserts because they are so good that you can't seriously miss out!

Overall : ★★★★☆

Edible Flower Themed Restaurant in Tusen Wan


Shop G08, The Mills, Tusen Wan

Some flower petals are edible but they are just too pretty to eat. Like this one we've found in Fleur at The Mills. It's simply too gorgeous to have one bite or two. We manage to eat the soft-shelled crab in a croissant at the end and it was so yum! However, the portion was quite small and it's not filling at all. It's also a bit pricey for such portion. So don't visit if you are super hungry or you'll end up spending a lot in here.

Overall : ★★★★☆

Chinese Fujian Cuisine in Tusen Wan


No. 416 Tusen Wan Plaza, Tusen Wan

Their speciality in making Chinese Fujian cuisine is undoubtedly excellent. The presentation of the cold eel was too cool that we had to enjoy staring at it for minutes until we started to eat. The food was very tasty. However, the portion was very small with a very big price since you are also paying for the creativity in somehow unnecessary food styling.

Overall : ★★★☆☆

Authentic Knife-cut Noodle in Tusen Wan


No. 245 Sha Tusi Road, Tusen Wan

This is probably the best place to look for knife-cut noodle in Tusen Wan. There is always a queue outside of the store. The price range is very affordable. Each meal comes with your choice of toppings and a cup of soya milk. The noodle texture is very al dente and chewy. One of their signature toppings is Sichuan malai pork ears and they are truly amazing. There is literally nothing to complain about with such quality but inexpensive meal.

Overall : ★★★★★

Local Cha Chaan Teng & Cafe in Hong Kong

Gala Cafe

No. 40B San Tusen Street, Tusen Wan

Another busy cafe with a queue is right here - Gala Cafe is a small, but a very local Cha Chaan Teng. This Hong Kong styled cafe offers all day breakfast, their unique egg sandwiches, and light snacks. If you are here for a quick afternoon tea, go for their mini French toast and their super crispy fried wonton dumpling. They are very appealing; order them and you will never regret!

Overall : ★★★★★

Insta-worthy Pinky Restaurant in Tusen Wan

Girlboss by Master Kama

No. 432 Tusen Wan Plaza, Tusen Wan

The pink interior of the restaurant is very iconic and everyone will surely fall for it at first sight immediately. The food and their service were in very high standard. From appetisers and sandwiches to sharing platters and pasta, you can choose a variety of dishes from their huge menu. To all girlboss, this is definitely a nice place for girl's talk, let's go!

Overall : ★★★★☆

Fusion Western Restaurant in Tusen Wan

The Base Nature

No. UG70 Citywalk, Tusen Wan

You can find one of the best burgers in Tusen Wan from here at The Base Nature. This burger isn't as simple as you can see from the picture - surprisingly, it has melting lava cheese inside the fried pork chop! Choose their super healthy but very tasty herbal drink which has loads of pear and goji berry in it. It's sweet, and it also cools you down after a heavy meal!

Overall : ★★★★★

Japanese-Italian Restaurant in Tusen Wan

Kuru Kuru 自家製手作意粉

Shop 120, CDW Building, Tsuen Wan

You may have eaten spaghetti a lot in your life but have you ever tried handmade spaghetti in a fusion Japanese-Italian restaurant? Kuru Kuru offers pasta with a twist of Japanese food, adding sakura dried shrimp into their some of the dishes to make them special from everything else. The texture of their pasta was al dente and it's different from the others indeed. You never know if handmade spaghetti could be the next hit, right?

Overall : ★★★★★

Appetising Rice Noodle Restaurant in Tusen Wan

Yunnan Guizhou & Sichuan Noodle

Shop 13, Sze Pei Square, Tusen Wan

This rice noodle local restaurant really is a hidden gem in Tusen Wan. It's kind of hidden in the corner of the dead end. Their speciality in rice noodle is long known in the neighbourhood. You'll get to mix and match your favourite toppings. Our favourite combo is rice noodle with sour and spicy soup base, tender chicken meat and spicy pork belly. It's so appetising and you won't want to stop eating it from the first time.

Overall : ★★★★★



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