360-degree of Stockholm Waterfront

It's very convenient to travel around in the central of Stockholm. If you are visiting this city as a tourist, you could probably get a travelcard which would save your more time and money too! Stockholm is one of the easiest places for us to travel around as most of the attractions are easily-accessed by the metro and buses. Well, just don't forget to take their boats or you'll miss the chances to take amazing pictures of the waterfront there. Now I'm going to show you how to explore every single corner of the waterfront in Stockholm.

> Take a ferry Riddarfjardslinjen 85 from Klara Malarstrand

This ferry terminal is actually located at the Stockholm central which is only 5-minute walking distance from the main central station. Take a "boat trip" from this stop and you'll be able to see the view of Gamla Stan (Old Town) and the opposite side. This line has two stops only so it won't take you much time to even do a return journey. Make sure to check the timetable beforehand as this ferry runs less frequent than buses and underground.

> Exit from Gamla Stan metro station

I have to admit that I didn't plan to see anything like that but it turns out it has the best view of Stockholm waterfront. I got off from the Gamla Stan metro station just because I was heading to the Old Town and then I accidentally found this amazing spot for pictures!