360-degree of Stockholm Waterfront 三百六十度看斯德哥爾摩海濱

It's very convenient to travel around in the central of Stockholm. If you are visiting this city as a tourist, you could probably get a travelcard which would save your more time and money too! Stockholm is one of the easiest places for us to travel around as most of the attractions are easily-accessed by the metro and buses. Well, just don't forget to take their boats or you'll miss the chances to take amazing pictures of the waterfront there. Now I'm going to show you how to explore every single corner of the waterfront in Stockholm.

在Stockholm 斯德哥爾摩的市中心旅遊絕對是一件非常容易方便的事,尤其是如果你買了一張旅遊交通卡,更是能省錢又省時間喔!一般來說坐地鐵或巴士便能到大多數的景點,而且坐船也行喔!記得別忘了坐船,不然你就會錯過了很多拍美照的機會了!現在我就要告訴大家如何把每一個角度的海濱都看一遍!來啦!

> Take a ferry Riddarfjardslinjen 85 from Klara Malarstrand

> 從Klara Malarstrand 碼頭Riddarfjardslinjen 85號船

This ferry terminal is actually located at the Stockholm central which is only 5-minute walking distance from the main central station. Take a "boat trip" from this stop and you'll be able to see the view of Gamla Stan (Old Town) and the opposite side. This line has two stops only so it won't take you much time to even do a return journey. Make sure to check the timetable beforehand as this ferry runs less frequent than buses and underground.

這個碼頭其實就在斯德哥爾摩的市中心,在中央車站出發只需五分鐘便能到達。從這裡開始你的「郵船假期」吧!在這裡你可以看到Gamla Stan 舊城區和對面岸的景色喔。這船其實就只有兩個站,所以即使你坐一趟來回也不會花太多時間。但是記得要先查好時間表,因為這船的班次也沒有很多喔。

> Exit from Gamla Stan metro station

> 從Gamla Stan 舊城區地鐵站出站

I have to admit that I didn't plan to see anything like that but it turns out it has the best view of Stockholm waterfront. I got off from the Gamla Stan metro station just because I was heading to the Old Town and then I accidentally found this amazing spot for pictures!


> Got off the ferry Riddarfjardslinjen 85 at Soder Malarstrand brygga

> 坐Riddarfjardslinjen 85號船Soder Malarstrand brygga下站

Fancy a nice walk after dinner? The best place to see a nighttime waterfront is Soder Malarstrand, the opposite to the central. The whole waterfront here is long and you might probably need to spend half an hour or so to walk back to the closest metro station from there. (The ferries stop service at night.) Anyway, there's no barriers or anything so make sure you don't drop into the water... haha.

吃完飯想要到海旁走走嗎?晚上最適合散步和看夜景的地方一定是Soder Malarstrand,這地方剛好就在中央車站的對面岸。整條海濱走廊有點長,因為晚上就沒船開了,走回去最近的地鐵站可能也要花上大半個小時。無論如何,大家都要注意安全喔,這裡沒欄柵的,千萬不要掉水裏喔!哈哈!

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