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A Quick Day Trip Travel Guide to Bath

Bath, this Roman-built city is well-known for and was named simply because of its historical baths in this spa town. Gorgeous Georgian architecture from abbey and churches to bridges and residential houses can be found in this World Heritage rated site since 1987. This article will take you to these stunning places in no time! Let's get started!

Bath Abbey - the Parish Church in City Centre

The largest working church in Bath is opening its door to every visitor. There is so much to see in this lovely abbey from the stained glass windows and fan shaped ceiling to the memorials and ledger stones. You may also join the tours to have a closer look at the bell chamber and climb the 212 steps to the top of the clock tower for the city views, too.

Pulteney Bridge - a Palladian Bridge with Shops

This Palladian-styled bridge might look familiar to you if you have seen the movie Les Misérables, where the inspector Javert commit suicide and fall into the "River Seine" in Paris. In real life, Pulteney Bridge upon the River Avon in Bath looks nothing like the River Seine. The bridge is filled with shops and boutique and linked the city from one side to another side. It is no doubt the best place to shop and enjoy the river view of this beautiful city.

Parade Gardens - a Peaceful Park for Relaxation

Pay a small fee of £2 (half price for concession fare) and visit this delightful gardens for the stunning views of Pulteney Bridge, the Empire Hotel and the weir in the river. This beautiful Parade Gardens is a park complex that is situated in the city centre of Bath. If you are looking for a place to relax, first choice goes to the baths in the city, and the second choice goes to this garden!

Royal Crescent - Beautiful Homes in England

Can you imagine living in this beautifully built Royal Crescent? This residence of 30 terraced houses in a row has become everyone's favourite and one of the iconic architectures in Bath. It is shaped like a crescent moon and it's very difficult to capture the whole thing unless you have got a wider lens or a flying drone.


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