Art Basel 2018 巴塞爾藝術博覽會

I was so excited about the Art Basel this year because I finally came to Basel, where the exhibition begins! As well as this was my first-time-ever to go Art Basel! I was a bit sad that I couldn't make it back to Hong Kong earlier this March but I couldn't even believe that I was here in Basel to see one of the biggest art exhibitions! This show is only open to the public from 14th June to 17th June. I purchased my ticket online in advance to save time. I literally arrived around 11am and left at 7pm when it's closed. I think I've seen most of them... I'm not sure because this exhibition is insanely huge and I nearly got lost if I didn't have the floorplan with me! It's time to show you some of the "Editor's Picks", ohhhh yeah the editor refers to me.

今年終於能去Art Basel 巴塞爾藝術博覽會了!非常高興!尤其是因為我來到了瑞士主辦的城市Basel 巴塞爾!本來我以為三月份的時候因為我不在香港,沒辦法看到展覽了,卻沒想到我現在終於來到了這裡!這個展覽只對外開放四天,由六月十四號到六月十七號,早上十一點到晚上七點。我在網上預先把票訂好,我差不多十一點的時候就到了,而且真的是看到關門才離開喔!我想我應該看完大部份的藝術作品吧⋯⋯ 我其實不是很確定,因為這裡實在是太大了,沒有地圖的話根本就會迷路啦!現在就讓大家看一下「編輯精選」吧!哈哈沒錯我就是那個所謂的編輯啦!

He Xiangyu

Untitled 2018

Jose Yaque

Tumba Abierta III 2018

Ai Weiwei

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger 2015

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Translucent Chromointerferent Environment 1974/2009

Paul Ramirez Jonas

Alternative Facts 2017

What's your favourite? I think I love most of their interactive art and installation work a lot. I have even participated in Alternative Facts. There's two different way to describe a fact, one is real, and the other one is fake. It's just an alternative fact, not a lie. I "purchased" a license for my own alternative fact: "I have travelled everywhere", which makes me legal to say so now.

你們有去嗎?最喜歡的是哪一個作品?我想我最喜歡的就是有互動的行為藝術和裝置藝術品了。我還參與了Alternative Facts這個作品,一般來說,我們都可以用真和假來形容事情,假的也只是另一個不同說法的事實而已,所以不算是說謊了,對吧。我在這個作品裡,買了一個屬於我自己的「事實」許可證:我已經環遊世界了。所以現在你們都不能質疑我了哈哈。

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