Art Basel 2018

I was so excited about the Art Basel this year because I finally came to Basel, where the exhibition begins! As well as this was my first-time-ever to go Art Basel! I was a bit sad that I couldn't make it back to Hong Kong earlier this March but I couldn't even believe that I was here in Basel to see one of the biggest art exhibitions! This show is only open to the public from 14th June to 17th June. I purchased my ticket online in advance to save time. I literally arrived around 11am and left at 7pm when it's closed. I think I've seen most of them... I'm not sure because this exhibition is insanely huge and I nearly got lost if I didn't have the floorplan with me! It's time to show you some of the "Editor's Picks", ohhhh yeah the editor refers to me.

He Xiangyu

Untitled 2018

Jose Yaque

Tumba Abierta III 2018

Ai Weiwei

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger 2015

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Translucent Chromointerferent Environment 1974/2009

Paul Ramirez Jonas

Alternative Facts 2017

What's your favourite? I think I love most of their interactive art and installation work a lot. I have even participated in Alternative Facts. There's two different way to describe a fact, one is real, and the other one is fake. It's just an alternative fact, not a lie. I "purchased" a license for my own alternative fact: "I have travelled everywhere", which makes me legal to say so now.

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