Boat Trip Day in Faro 法羅的遊船假期

It seems like every day was a sunny day in Faro... I shouldn't waste my day so I decided to join a boat trip to see Faro in a different way. I went to Cais das Portas do Mar to find out more information about the boat trips first. You don't need to worry not finding a good one because the agencies were everywhere around that area. Most of the tours lasts for 4 or more hours so make sure you leave at least half a day for this... you won't regret it because it's going to worth it! Our tour guide suggested that we should join the morning tour to prevent windy weather condition. However, it was still extremely windy to me...

葡萄牙Faro 法羅就好像每天都是大晴天⋯⋯ 既然如此,我就更加不可以浪費了這麼好的天氣,決定要出海,看看不一樣的法羅!我首先到了碼頭附近的Cais das Portas do Mar,那裡有很多不同的旅行團攤子,所以你絕對不用擔心找不到好的!大多數的遊船團都是四個小時或以上的,所以如果要參加的話,記得要預留至少半天的時間喔!我們的導遊建議我們參加早上的團,因為下午的風一般都會比較大,然而我覺得沒什麼分別⋯⋯ 我覺得這個團超級棒!超級爽!超級好玩!超值!真的!

Four stops in four hours: Faro > an unknown beach > Ilha da Armona > Ilha da Culatra > Ilha do Farol > Faro

四小時行程包括停留四個站: 法羅 > 不知名的沙灘 > Ilha da Armona 阿莫納島 > Ilha da Culatra > Ilha do Farol 燈塔島 > 法羅

This amazing beautiful beach was the first stop but unfortunately I wasn't even sure where I was... I couldn't even find this on my google maps so I can't tell you where exactly it is... I can still confirm that it's in Faro though. As our tour guide told us, this beach could be the cleanest beach on earth because no one could come here unless they joined the tour... really? Oh which means I was so lucky enough to be here! Yes!

這個超級漂亮的沙灘就是行程中的第一站了!不過很可惜,我也不知道當時的我在哪裡⋯⋯ 我甚至在Google地圖上也找不到了我當時的位置⋯⋯ 不過我可以肯定我當時還在法羅的!一定是,除非不是!哈哈!我們的導遊還跟我們說這個沙灘是全世界最乾淨的沙灘,因為除了參加了遊船團的人,不然都來不了的⋯⋯ 真的嗎?雖然我是有點懷疑,不過我還是很幸運呢!

If you think that you have seen enough beaches in Faro, perhaps you would be interested in these little houses there. I accidentally found these houses when I was lost... I wasn't even sure if I was lucky or unlucky... haha However, I spent some time here taking pictures with them! I'm just so in love with them! It's the colour of summer! 

I loved the boat trip so much and I did enjoy the time there. Our tour guide was so nice and funny! I wish I could spend more time exploring Faro like this again! That's why I joined another boat trip tour which was a sunset boat tour. 


The hour-long sunset tour was just perfect to end my amazing day. These tours are affordable and very worthy. I do recommend you to try this out if you couldn't think of what to do in Faro. If you need any more information about the tours that I joined, ask me! I'm here to help.


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