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Boat Trip Day in Faro

Join a Boat Trip Tour at the Pier

It seems like every day was a sunny day in Faro... so you shouldn't waste your day but to join a boat trip to see Faro in a different way. We went to Cais das Portas do Mar to find out more information about the boat trips first. You don't need to worry about not finding a good one because the agencies were everywhere around the pier. Most of the tours lasts for 4 or more hours so make sure you spare at least half a day for this... you won't regret it because it's going to worth it! Our tour guide suggested that we should join the morning tour to prevent windy weather condition.

Faro Boat Trip Itinerary as below:

Four stops in four hours: Faro > an unknown beach > Ilha da Armona > Ilha da Culatra > Ilha do Farol > Faro

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The Beach is Exclusive to the Tour Participants

This amazing beautiful beach was the first stop but unfortunately we couldn't even find this on our Google maps so no one could tell where it actually was... we could still confirm that we were in Faro though. As our tour guide told us, this beach could be the cleanest beach on earth because no one could come here unless they joined the tour... really? Oh which means we were so lucky enough to be there! Yes!

Beautiful Houses and Beaches in Faro

If you think that you have seen enough beaches in Faro, perhaps you would be interested in these little houses there. We were lucky enough to accidentally found these houses when we were lost. We spent some time here taking pictures with them! We're just so in love with them! It's the colour of summer! 

We loved the boat trip so much and we did enjoy the time there. Our tour guide was so nice and funny! We wish we could spend more time exploring Faro like this again! Therefore we joined another boat trip tour which was a sunset tour. 

Don't leave Faro without Joining a Boat Trip Tour

The hour-long sunset tour was just perfect to end our amazing day. These tours are affordable and very worthy. We do recommend you to try this out if you couldn't think of anything to do in Faro. If you need any more information about the tours that we joined, just contact us! We're here to help.



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