Countryside in Guangdong Province

I have been to Guangdong for quite a lot of time but I didn't have chances to take some pictures until this recent trip. This is my mom's hometown, and this is also the reason why I have been there for many times. I remembered when I was little, I carried my small digital camera everywhere. That camera was stolen at the end. I was crying all night long because I lost all the images I took. I was so scared to lose another one again... and until this time I was finally brave enough to start taking pictures there again.

This time I was going to Guangdong because of my work. I didn't actually have lots of time to take pictures of the surroundings but when I got some free time, I wandered around and see what interested me most.

I, as a girl from an urbanised city: Hong Kong, had never seen some live chicken walking around freely. That was very interesting to me and I couldn't help staring at them. This place was so different to what I have known as hometown. Now I am living in the UK, where I found everything here so slow-paced and laid-back in a positive way, and my hometown Hong Kong is full of prosperity and energy. I'd say Guangdong is more like a countryside where you could be a lot closer to the nature, I suppose.

You might expect not to see any skyscrapers in Guangdong province if it's truly a countryside city. But the truth is, it took me almost an hour high-speed train to get to central Guangzhou and I finally saw some skyscrapers there. This was actually something that I didn't expect to see. And I didn't believe that there was one skyscraper even taller than the tallest building in Hong Kong until I googled it. What? I thought I was in countryside an hour before? 

I spend only half day in the city bit and I wish I could have more time spending there. I will be back soon. Good night.

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