Enjoy My Morning in Triesenberg 在特里森貝格享受我的早晨

I finally went up to Triesenberg when I was in Liechtenstein because there's really not much to see in their capital Vaduz, especially when I stayed in Liechtenstein for two whole days. I accidentally found this village on the google maps, I was so impressed by the pictures of the village therefore I decided to climb up there and see if I'd be able to see the same thing.

列支敦士登的首都Vaduz 瓦杜兹並沒有很多能做的事情,尤其是我在這裡待了整整兩天,所以我最後在Google地圖上意外地找到了Triesenberg 特里森貝格這個小村莊,便下定決心一定要來看看了!主要是因為我看到網上的照片都超級美!就想來看看我是否也會看到一樣的東西喔。

I was here around 10am. It was a bit hazy in the early morning so I began my day by visiting Walser Museum just right by the bus stop, hoping the weather would be a lot better when I came out again. The museum is all about the history of this specific village so if you are interested in it, you should go have a look.

早上十點我便來到這了。這裡早上好像都有點朦朧朧的,所以到達後,第一時間便先到了車站旁邊的Walser Museum 瓦爾澤博物館,就想看看等會天氣會不會要變好了。這個博物館是關於這個小城鎮的一些歷史,所以如果你們對這有興趣,記得要去看看喔。

I also visited a Catholic church Pfarrkirche Triesenberg that is just opposite to the bus stop, and then I took some pictures of the surroundings before my early brunch. I think the view was overwhelming. I suddenly realised how the world could be small and huge at the same time. From where I took the pictures I could even be able to see Switzerland on the other side. There's a second that I just can't believe that I actually exist.

之後我還去看了一下在車站對面的一座Pfarrkirche Triesenberg 特里森貝格天主教教區教堂,再拍了一下周圍環境的照片,就去吃個早午飯,過了一個慢活的早上。我覺得這裡的景色真的超級棒!有一刻就感覺自己好像不存在,這世界可是又大,同時又可以很小,而且在我拍照的地方都能看到對面一河之隔的瑞士,真奇妙。

Cafe Conditorei Guflina

Rotenbodenstrasse 3, 9497 Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

I chose this restaurant because it's well-located. The view from here was fantastic. I think the meal even tasted a lot delicious because of the atmosphere! Everything in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is expensive, and I am sure you will agree with me if you've been there before... so to me, this brunch was relatively affordable in comparison to anything else I'd eaten when I was there... the breaded pork-chop was a bit like the German Schnitzel so it's quite thin and crispy. I specially love the cauliflower topped with sauce. I couldn't tell what it was made of but it went so perfect together. The chip was freshly deep-fried, too. It was such a lovely morning to have my brunch here with the amazing view of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

我選這家餐廳的主要原因就是因為它的位置非常好,這裡看出去的風景實在是不得了!我覺得我點的菜也因此變得更好吃!由於瑞士跟列支敦士登的物價實在是高到不行了⋯⋯ 所以對我而言,這一份早午餐跟其他的價格有比較合理一點⋯⋯ 我點的這個豬排其實有點像我之前在奧地利吃過的炸豬排有點像,也是很薄很脆的。我特別喜歡配菜椰菜花跟醬汁的配合,雖然沒吃出來醬汁是什麼做的,但是就是很搭很不錯。而且薯條剛剛炸好很熱很不錯!這裡總括來說真的很好,而且同時能夠飽覽瑞士和列支敦士登的風景,真的太棒了!

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★★

Would you go to a restaurant specially for the view? Why or why not?


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