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Escaping the Crowds in Zhongshan Park

An Alternative Park for a Relaxing Walk in Beijing

Don't be surprised of how crowded it could be in China; be surprised when you see no one. That's our experience after a short period of living in Beijing and we are pretty sure everyone would agree with us if you have been to Beijing, or any other big cities in China too. However, there's always an exception. We found a place which is called The Zhongshan Park that is actually located near the famous Tiananmen and The Palace Museum. It was less busier than any other parks. It might not still be the same but you should definitely check it out before leaving Beijing. 

Looking for the Colourful Chinese Architecture

Our favourite tourist attractions in Beijing would be The Summer Palace (Yiheyuen) as it's full of colourful Chinese architecture that we love most! However, this park is relatively far from city centre and it's super busy as always. In this Zhongshan Park, you can also find something similar and this could be a very good alternative photo spot! Be sure to wear matching outfit for this spot too!

Morning is the Best Time to Visit Beijing's Attractions

The main reason why our photographs of the park look silent and peaceful is because we went there in the morning, and we do suggest that you should do the same. However, it literally makes no difference if you go to those other well-known tourist attractions like The Great Wall of Badaling section in the morning or so... For this specific issue, we'd recommend you not to go to this section instead if you prefer a less crowded version of The Great Wall.



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