Essential Guide to Universal Studios Japan 玩盡日本環球影城

Going to a theme park is not that simple as you think; it requires a lot of planning and decision making. This time I'm taking you to Universal Studio Japan - Universal Parks & Resorts are my favourite theme parks in the world at all times. Let's follow me to see all the tips and guide to such busy place on earth and discover the reasons why I love it so much!


  • Be There as Early as Possible Early birds definitely get the best worms! The best time to get to the park is at least half and hour before the entry time. Don't feel surprised if you see a long queue even in the early morning because everyone knows the trick! It's also recommended to purchase your ticket online in advance so you can skip the queue of ticketing.

  • 愈早到愈好 早起的鳥兒有蟲吃,是真的,還不只是有蟲吃這麼簡單,還是好的蟲。所以最好還是在開門半小時前到達現場吧。老早到了之後看見長長的隊也不要懷疑,不意外的,因為大家都知道同樣的道理!所以呢,我建議大家先在網上訂好票,至少到了以後少排了一條買票的隊了喔。

  • Get a Fast Pass to Save your Time If you are big fan of Universal, I'd suggest that you get a fast pass so you might be able to do all the rides and attractions in a day. The waiting time varies as it depends on how popular the rides are... it could be up to an hour, or two! I was kind of regretted that I didn't purchase one as I literally waited for more than two hours for some particular rides like Minions and Harry Potter. Getting one or not, it's all up to you!

  • 想省時間就花錢買快速通行證 我想如果你是個環球迷,那買一張快速通行證的確是一個不錯的選擇,這是可以讓你在一天之內盡量把全部設施都玩一遍。那個等候時間都很難說,一般都是要看它到底有多受歡迎,可以是一個小時,也可能是兩個小時!我是有點後悔沒買把快速通行證買下來,基本上一整天的時間有一大半都用在排隊上,尤其是迷你兵團和哈利波特的遊戲,一等就各等了兩個多小時了⋯⋯ 所以要不要買,就全看你自己囉!

  • Have a Themed Meal in USJ Of course you can't leave a theme park without having a themed meal of your favourite character, right? Minion is popular in Universal Studio Japan and you can literally see it everywhere in the park. I had a Minion omelette and a Swiss roll with apple sauce and it was surprisingly yummy, haha! It was a bit pricey though... but it's perfect for photos!

  • 在主題樂園裡吃主題套餐 來到了主題公園,當然要買一份可愛的角色主題套餐吧!迷你兵團在日本環球影城裡真的很受歡迎,基本上在不同角落都能看見它們的蹤影。我點了一份迷你兵團蛋包飯和瑞士蛋卷陪蘋果醬,沒想到還挺不錯的,哈哈!就是有點貴囉⋯⋯ 不過就很好拍啦!

  • Diminish Something You aren't Interested in The first stop you should always go to is where they keep the map of the park and the leaflet about the shows. Take some times to study the whole thing and make a good plan! Decide what and where you should be going first and next in case you didn't purchase the fast pass and couldn't do everything in one visit.

  • 沒興趣的就別去了 每次到了主題公園,第一站要到的其實便是放置樂園地圖和表演時間表的地方了。花點時間看一下這些資料,然後好好計劃一下!如果沒有買到快速通行證的話,那就更要好好安排一下先去哪個、再去哪個和不去哪個好了。

  • Pick Your Favourite Attractions That's as important as you choose where not to go! Pick at least 2 top rides that you desperately want to go for even if you had been told to be waiting for more than two hours! So now you know which ones to go, check the waiting time on screens and go for the one with less waiting time first. You are off to go!

  • 選出你最想去玩的那些設施 這跟你挑出不想去玩的同樣重要喔!選出至少兩個你即便要等兩個小時也超級想去玩的,然後看看哪個等候時間比較短的,那就先去玩那個吧!

  • Take Photos of Everything You Like Don't miss a chance of taking a picture! Photographs are the best "documentary" of your memory. Besides, you have paid so much for a theme park visit so you should make the most out of it! If you spot your favourite characters, make sure you queue for a picture... as you meet a superstar!

  • 拍下你喜歡的 不能錯過每個能拍照的好時機!照片絕對是記憶的「紀錄片」!更何況你已經付了門票進來,不拍白不拍啦!尤其是看見了你最愛的角色的話,記得要抓緊機會,趕緊去排隊拍照吧!你可是見到明星的喔!

  • Buy the Exclusive Souvenirs that You can't Find them Elsewhere There's something you can't find it elsewhere except in here at USJ, like a giant character popcorn holder. I like my Minion popcorn holder so much. Isn't it very cute with a rubber duck swim ring? I also ordered an exclusive butter beer in the restaurant inside Harry Potter park. I miss it so much but I guess I'd have to visit a Universal Parks & Resorts again specially for these things as I can't find them anywhere outside the park.

  • 買下現場限定的紀念品 這裡有賣很多在外面買不到的小禮品,就好像我買到的超級可愛的角色爆米花筒一樣。我真的是超愛這迷你兵團的爆米花筒啦,它還配著一個鴨子游泳圈,太可愛了吧?另外我還到了哈利波特園區吃晚餐,點了一杯奶油啤酒。我超想它的!看來只能再去才能再買到喝到這些了吧。

Now it's time to plan my next visit! Woohoo~


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