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Exploring Osaka in 48 Hours

The best thing to do in Japan has to be eating. We ate a lot when we were there. And most of the time we were looking for food. So we didn't really explore Osaka and that's possibly the best excuse for us to go back there again. The first stop before food hunting was Osaka Castle. We don't really usually like going to a castle as they all look quite the same, but this one, is so different to what we have seen before. Perhaps the castles we saw before are all in Europe so that's why the all look the same to us.

We paid to get in. But honestly that was a bit disappointed because there were so many people, and we weren't really have much time to stay there for long so we didn't wait for the lift. (The queue was insanely long...) We walked up all the stairs to the top which nearly killed us. And we literally felt even more disappointed when we saw the view of Osaka from top. That was probably the most undesirable scene that we have ever seen so far... we couldn't even find any other things to compare to it.

We should just go fill our stomach full instead. Kuromon Ichiba Market 黑門市場 is the best food market that we have found while we were in Osaka in 48 hours. We love this market so much! And if you also like seafood, that's definitely the place for you, too! You can find not only seafood, but also snacks, souvenirs, skincare and cosmetics there! Basically, everything you want! This market isn't really too big to explore but we still spent almost 3 hours there. Now we just can't wait to go there again! 

We just can't look at all these pictures anymore, they just make us so hungry...

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