Finding the Best Traditional Polish Dish 尋找最傳統的波蘭美食

Food hunting has always been my first priority not just during my trips but also in my whole life. I tend to try the local cuisines when I'm travelling. I guess that's the spirit for travel, isn't it? I don't usually do research about food and drink, or any specific dishes that I shouldn't miss. However, I'd always love to go to restaurants that will do local cuisines. So here's two Polish restaurant that I found when I was in Warsaw Old Town. Let's guess which dish was my most and least favourite?

基本上來說,我到哪都會想著吃的。尤其是去旅遊的時候,我會去嘗試當地的菜色。我想這就是旅遊的意義吧。一般來說,我都沒有特別去找什麼特別要喝要吃的,但是我都會選擇到一些做本地菜的餐廳。所以我在波蘭Warsaw 華沙舊城區的時候,就到了兩家做波蘭菜的餐廳吃飯。你們來猜猜哪一道是我最喜歡和最不喜歡的?


Freta 18, 00-227 Warszawa, Poland

The most significant Polish dish is pierogi which actually means Polish dumplings. This restaurant is best known for their dumplings so that I came to try. From what I observed, most customers tended to order the sweet dumplings as their main courses which I was very confused about... since I had known savoury dumplings since I was born... that's why I didn't try any of their sweet dumplings such as blueberry or strawberry ones. I ordered a pot of potato dumplings with creamy mushroom sauce and a potato pancake, and I also ordered two lemonade, one with mint and one without. I personally think that the lemonade was too sour for me so I'm not a fan of that. But I like that potato dumplings a lot. The potato dumplings doesn't look like a dumpling to me though, I felt like I was eating some potato balls. I like the texture very much as it's kind of chewy (in a good way) on the surface but creamy inside like mash. The sauce was perfect for them too. I don't find any differences of the taste between the pancake and the dumplings but I kind of like the dumplings more.

最經典最馳名的波蘭菜一定就是非pierogi 波蘭餃子莫屬了。這家餐廳的餃子剛好就是他們的主打菜,所以我就「遠道而來」去試試看囉。不過我發現很多客人都是點甜的波蘭餃子作主菜,但是我覺得有點奇怪⋯⋯ 大概是因為我從小到大都只認識鹹的餃子。所以我就沒點到他們家的藍莓或是草莓餃子⋯⋯ 我最後選擇了馬鈴薯餃子和馬鈴薯香餅,另外再點了兩杯檸檬汽水,一杯是帶有薄荷的。不過我個人認為那個檸檬汽水太酸了,所以我沒有很喜歡⋯⋯ 但是我很喜歡那個馬鈴薯餃子!不過就是看不出來是餃子囉,而且吃起來比較像薯球。我很喜歡它的口感,外層有點嚼勁,裡面卻很滑好像薯泥。另外就是醬料跟它很搭!至於那個香餅,其實我覺得味道上真的沒什麼區別,不過我自己就比較喜歡餃子囉!

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

Galeria Freta

Freta 39, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

I randomly chose this restaurant when I was wandering around in the area of Warsaw Old Town. The restaurant looks nice and I thought I should not only to try the ones made for tourists but also some local restaurants. (And this one seems like it's one of them.) To be honest, I don't think I had tried any traditional Polish dish here but the fact is: There's so many ice cream place in Warsaw and I literally had ice cream every day. I came to this restaurant because I was impressed by their sundae. HAHA! That's why I thought ice cream could be one of their "traditional" Polish cuisine. Anyway, the main course I ordered here didn't really impress me, as I didn't expect to have a pork chop covered with fried egg... and I actually thought they gave me the wrong thing when I saw it, I even asked them where my pork chop was since I didn't really see it... LOL It was okay, but I liked the dessert more.

我在路上隨機就找了這家餐廳,因為在外面看起來很不錯 (特別是看到好看的聖代),而且我覺得應該要吃一些不只有是遊客會去的餐廳,而且還要去一些當地人會到的地方吃飯呢!不過事實是,我好像並沒有在這吃到傳統的波蘭菜,但是我發現這裡到處都是冰淇淋店,而且我真的每天都在吃冰淇淋,我想這其實會不會也算是波蘭的傳統小吃呢哈哈。我在這就點了一份豬排,但是我覺得它有點神奇⋯⋯ 因為我從來沒吃過這樣用煎蛋蓋住的豬排哈哈。我一開始還以為他是不是給我送錯了,我還問他我的豬排在哪了哈哈⋯⋯ 不是不好吃,但我就是比較喜歡甜點囉哈哈。

Overall 總括而言: ★★★☆☆

So what's my favourite and least favourite Polish cuisine and do you have a clue?


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