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How to: Travel Guide & Tips after COVID-19

Safi, Morocco

COVID-19, this coronavirus has been affecting our life in many ways and it looks like it won't go away in any short time. The whole tourism and travel industry are decaying and we should support them for sure! It could be so much harder to truly travel abroad again; so here are some tips and advice for you: how to travel safely and healthily after COVID-19.

Staycation is a New Travel Trend

Not many people will actually go on a staycation when they have a choice to travel aboard. With travel restrictions and other limitations under COVID-19 situations, domestic travel and staycation have become more and more popular in these days. If you don't feel safe enough to travel abroad, consider having a staycation in your home country is also a good idea to keep the travel vibes on!

Quality is the First Priority

Now everyone would love to travel longer when they finally get a chance as you might even need to take more holiday or annual leaves than ever to cover at least 7 to 14 days of quarantine, depends on the policy of each country. You will travel longer than more frequently. Luxury travel will be more popular than budget travel from now. So let's save up some more money for a quality trip in the future!

Hygiene is the Only Concern

Health and safety are things that we all focus on right now. It is generally foreseen that sharing is no longer a trend for now. Staying in a hostel, sharing a bunk bed with a stranger, or even coach-surfing won't be the same. Surely no one wants to stay in a room with someone that could be a potential virus silent spreader. Social distancing is the key!

Pack More than You'll Imagine

Hand sanitiser, cleansing wipes and surgical mask are three items that you should always pack for your trip from now on. It is required to wear a mask when entering into a shop or any other public areas; you should always do so even when you are in a restaurant until your food has arrived. Use a hand sanitiser or a piece of cleansing wipe to clean your hands before eating; keep your mask in a mask keeper so you can reuse your mask afterwards.

Wear Mask at All Times Everywhere

Now wearing a mask isn't the trademark of illness. People wear mask at all times everywhere to protect themselves from catching any virus or diseases after this pandemic. You should wash your hands frequently and not to touch your face with your dirty hands. Stay home and see a doctor if you are feeling unwell. Let's do this together!



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