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Lagos - A Paradise on Earth

From Faro to Lagos

Lagos is a seacoast city and it's the southern-most point of Portugal. We didn't plan to go to Lagos until the day we did some research for Faro. These two cities are both in the southern part of Portugal and they are both best known for water activities. We knew we would definitely go there when we saw the images of Lagos. It's just so amazing!

It's quite easy to catch a train from Faro to Lagos and it only takes 1.5 hours by train. There were only about 7 trains per day so if you have missed the previous ones, you might need to wait for another 1.5 hours until the next one has come. We took the train around 10am and was arriving there around 12nn. So it was a good idea to have a big lunch before we started all the walking!

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Having Tasty but Expensive Seafood in Lagos

This restaurant Restaurante Adega Da Marina was quite busy and full but we managed to go there a bit earlier to avoid the crowds. We ordered a tiger prawn which was super huge. It was extremely delicious and we just loved it! We'd have given all 5 stars if it wasn't that expensive though.

Restaurante Adega Da Marina | Av. dos Descobrimentos 35, 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal ★★★★☆

The Fantastic View of Lagos on the Cliffs

We finished our lunch at 2pm and started a designated walking route from town to the southern-most point of Lagos. We passed through quite a few beaches, and we managed to climb up to the cliffs to take a maleficent look of the sea with all the beautiful natural stones. This is the best way to see the whole views since it is quite dangerous to go underneath the cliffs as the stones might fall over your head... luckily, We were safe getting ourselves out of the cliffs in the end. Be careful, everyone!

Isn't Lagos beautiful? Lagos is more than beautiful and we couldn't even think of an alternative word to describe it, but A Paradise on Earth.

Enjoy a Nice Dinner before Catching a Train

This restaurant was amazing but unfortunately, we were running a bit behind the schedule and there was only an hour left before catching our last train back to Faro. They seemed not to be ready for order when we arrived, but we told them that we were literally in a rush, and we even paid right after we ordered our food in order to run back to the train station in time. The staff and the food was amazing, too. We loved the sauce to go with the chicken skewers! They were just perfect together. Hopefully we would have time to go back there again and would be staying for a bit longer. 

Tasca Do Kiko | Estr. de Sao Roque A, 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal ★★★★★

To be continued...



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