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Meals of the Day & Night in Edinburgh

Have you eaten already? What did you eat today? One of my friends from mainland China told me that this is actually how they start off a conversation when they meet someone for the first time in the day. But I guess I am getting used to the British culture now since I never talked about food but the weather first. This is how I usually start my conversation when I see my friend: Ohhhhh it's so cold outside let's run! OR Why is it raining now? It was sunny just now. But no matter how I start my conversation now, I still talk about food! Nothing could stop me!


It's so important to start a day perfectly so a good breakfast is essential. I didn't really plan to have my breakfast here but this Scottish National Museum of Modern Art (Modern Two) was my first stop that day, and I didn't find anything fancy on my way to the museum so I guess why not giving it a go? The cafe wasn't really busy in the morning so I got some relaxing time here. I like the floral tea that the waitress recommended to me, it smelt so good and tasted sweet. But I didn't really like the jam that went with the scone. It was super sour... and I wasn't sure why I applied so much on it... I nearly cried. LOL

Café Modern Two | 73 Belford Road, Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH4 3DS ★★★☆☆


There's a bakery, a cafe and a restaurant under the same name in the nearby. I was a bit confused before I finally found out the restaurant. I first went to the cafe and asked if they had pizza here or not. The staff was very helpful and she told me how to get to the one which has pizza. (I was looking for it desperately because this restaurant is best known for their pizza.) I ordered the pizza of the day and I like it very much. To be honest, I thought it would be a trap because the pizza had the strangest toppings ever: pieces of boiled eggs and potatoes. However, it turns out a very nice combination and I totally love it. The open sandwich is less attractive comparing to the pizza, especially the bread was nothing like the stone baked one...

Soderberg Pavilion | 1 Lister Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH3 9GL ★★★★☆


I guess this was the best restaurant to me in Edinburgh. Why? First, a main course was even cheaper than the scone I had in the morning. Second, the curry and the naan were very tasty. Third, the portion was huge. I just couldn't find anything to complain. I ordered so much food at the beginning because of the price was like a starter to me. So I thought the portion would be small. LOL This is probably one of the restaurants that I would love to go again.

10 To 10 In Delhi | 67 Nicolson St, Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH8 9BZ ★★★★★

I just wanna know why I'm not living in Edinburgh...


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