Mission Accomplished: Seven Sisters Challenge 完成「七姐妹」的任務

Hiking Experience in Seven Sisters White Cliffs

Do you like hiking? Do you like taking challenges? We are addicted to hiking because we could see something that we don't usually see in a city. That's why we always go hiking with our camera so that we can capture all these photogenic places! We wanted to go to the white cliffs for so long and we finally had some free time to visit Sussex so it was time to see those beautiful cliffs in person finally! So let's get started!



Taking a Bus from Brighton to Seven Sisters Country Park

We came here from Brighton city centre; there are some regular bus services running from Brighton to Sussex. Taking a bus is the best and easiest way to get here unless you've got a car. There's actually a stop in Seven Sisters Country Park but we decided to go a bit further down and walk along the cliffside back to the country park. So we got off the bus at East Dean stop where it's around an hour drive away from Brighton.


我們是從布萊頓的市中心出發來這裡的。那邊有好幾條巴士路線也是去蘇塞克斯的,所以除了自己開車去,從布萊頓出發應該便是最好且最容易的方法了。七姐妹國家公園其實也有一個車站,不過我們決定要去遠一點,再慢慢沿崖邊走回來。所以我們坐到 East Dean 這個站才下車,大概是花了一個小時的車程吧。

The Seven Sisters Challenge Begins...

Keep going and following on the Gilberts Drive and turn right to Birling Gap Road, you'll then get to the Birling Gap at the end and see what we've found. There's a large carpark, a cafe and a souvenir shop here. If you'd like to get down to the beach, there's a staircase in the nearby as well. We started our "Seven Sisters Mission" adventure right here, as we were trying to meet "them" all before the sunset! It took us around 3 hours to walk back to the country park. Most of the time we spent so much time on taking pictures though. However, the cliffs are rough and steep so don't expect to just walk but to climb as well. Woohoo! We did it anyway!


下車後往 Gilberts Drive 步行到右邊的 Birling Gap Road,走到盡頭後就會到達 Birling Gap。這裡就是崖邊了,你會在這看到了一個很大的停車場,一家咖啡廳和一個紀念品商店。旁邊還有一條很長的樓梯可以下去到海邊。我們就是從這裡開始「七姐妹任務」了!因為我們決定了要在日落前找到她們全部喔!我們大概花了三個小時才走回去另一端,不過我們主要應該是花了很多時間在拍照上。但是這個白崖真的很不好走,而且非常陡!所以千萬不要以為只要用走的,還真的要用爬的喔!不過我們最後還是挑戰成功啦哈哈!

When we came back home and looked at ourselves through the mirror, we just realised we totally forgot to apply suncream... because our nose was tanned, and yes, only our nose...

我們回家後照了一下鏡子,發現我們忘了一件很重要的事情⋯⋯ 就是我們居然忘記了塗防曬⋯⋯ 鼻子都曬黑了⋯⋯ 嗯沒錯,就只有鼻子⋯⋯

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