My First Day Out in Faro 法羅遊的第一天

This was my second time to be in Portugal and I am now totally in love with Portugal! My first trip to Lisbon, Portugal was a year and a half ago, and I could still remember how much I don't like about Lisbon. So I didn't except to see anything spectacular here, and this might be the main reason why I liked Faro that much. Since you would feel more disappointed if you had higher expectation while it didn't really quite reach what you had expected. 

第二次來到葡萄牙,Faro 法羅這個地方讓我對這個國家改觀了。第一次踏入葡萄牙這個國度是大約一年半前,還記得當時我去了Lisbon 里斯本,也記得當時的我是多麼不喜歡這個城市。所以這次來到法羅,我就沒有太大的期望了,但是也可能是因為這樣,沒有期望,也不會失望了。我喜歡上葡萄牙了!

I didn't really have any plans for my first day in Faro because I was arriving there about lunch time. Therefore I had a small lunch (a Portuguese egg tart) once I got off from the plane. I then spent few hours in Faro Old Town where is located exactly in town, and wandered around to take photographs of everything surrounded.

到達法羅的第一天,我並沒有特別計劃要做些什麼,因為下飛機的時候就已經是中午了,我便隨便吃了一個葡撻當午餐。之後就在市中心裡的Old Town 舊城區隨便逛、隨便拍照就好幾個小時了。

The building was actually a museum called Museu Arqueologico. I didn't have a chance to see the exhibitions there because when I arrived, they were closing in 15 minutes... So I literally just got in, ran, and randomly took lots of photographs of the building instead of looking at the exhibition. (Ain't nobody got time for this!)

這座建築物Museu Arqueologico 其實是一個博物館來的,但是很可惜,當我到達的時候就已經只剩十五分鐘便要關門了⋯⋯ 聽到這個消息後,我便馬上衝進去瘋狂快速到處拍!所以我連這博物館是關於什麼、裡面有什麼樣的展品,我完全不知道哈哈!

Velha Casa

R. do Pe da Cruz33, 8000-246 Faro, Portugal

Finally, I decided to enjoy a slow-paced dinner after that rushing museum time... I asked them to recommend some traditional dishes from Portugal, and they told me to order a seafood congee. I wasn't really sure what it was called in English as the menu was in Portuguese. So I just made it up. When I was about to order the thing that she recommended, she literally told us that I might not like it... but I was so brave to try new things so I still made the order of that congee. The taste was fine, ordinary, but also special.  I have never eaten a dish with such combination of bread, seafood and rice. And I could understand why the lady told me that I might not like it. As I don't really like it much, but I don't hate eating it either. 

最後我決定要好好休息一下、慢慢享受一下我的晚餐。我到了這家餐廳後,叫他們推薦一下他們葡萄牙的傳統菜色,而他們便向我們介紹一個海鮮粥。我其實也不太清楚這一道菜的名字,因為餐牌上的是葡萄牙文,所以我就自己幫它改了個名哈哈!但正當我要點她介紹的那道菜時,但就跟我表明說我可能不會喜歡⋯⋯ 但我覺得我還是要試試看好了!我覺得味道一般,不難吃,但是又沒有很特別。我從來都沒有試過把麵包放在粥裡面一起煮來吃⋯⋯ 現在我終於明白為什麼她說我會不喜歡了⋯⋯ 因為我真的沒有很喜歡它哈哈!但至少我還是有把它吃了下它,就是沒吃完而已哈哈!

Overall 總括而言: ★★☆☆☆

What's the strangest food you've ever had? Tell me!


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