My Roman Holiday 我的羅馬假期

Now there's a new holiday on my calendar: Roman Holiday. What would be your Roman Holiday like? I picked some of my favourite filming locations from the famous movie Roman Holiday and tried to follow Princess Ann's footsteps. Before I came to Rome, everything was my imagination. But now, I have my own Roman holiday!


Colosseum 鬥獸場

Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Most Historical -

This is definitely one of the signature sites to represent Rome as I think of Colosseum when every time I think of Rome. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time for the queue so I went inside. But I found a place that you could see the Colosseum from far with less people! You should definitely go to Altar of the Fatherland and went up there so that you could see Rome with the famous Colosseum as a whole! I never realised how historical Rome actually is until I got up there. Well, at lease I didn't see anything very modern from this angle.

最有歷史味道 -

鬥獸場一定是其中一個最能代表羅馬的歷史遺址了!因為好像每次想到羅馬,第一就是想到它的了!很可惜我沒有很多的時間,沒有排隊進去參觀。但是我找到一個可以遠看鬥獸場和羅馬美景的地方,你們一定要去Altar of the Fatherland 祖國祭壇看看喔,在這裡你會發現,原來羅馬真的很有歷史的痕跡,至少我在這個角度,好像都沒看到什麼特別新的東西喔。

Mouth of Truth 真理之口

Piazza della Bocca della Verita, 18, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Most Fun -

I guess no one in the world had ever lied. At least in the last 30 minutes when I was in the queue, I never see anyone's hand was cut by the Mouth of Truth. Or maybe it's too old so it's no longer functioning? LOL So now I could tell the world that I never lied... haha! If you dare, you should have a go!

最好玩 -


Piazza di Spagna, Spanish Steps & Trinita dei Monti 西班牙廣場和台階

Piazza di Spagna, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Most Crowded -

This area was insanely crowded when I was there in the afternoon around 4pm. Perhaps it's because 1. it's really well-known, and 2. all the shops are around. I was actually ready to have ice-cream on the Spanish Steps. However, the ice-cream melted in a second under this hot weather... I thought I could have another romantic moment like Audrey Hepburn was having an ice-cream in this location...

最多人 -

這裡一定是人最多的一區了⋯⋯ 我在下午四點的時候來了一下下,人多的呢⋯⋯ 大概是因為,第一:這裡真的很有名。還有第二,這附近到處都是店。我本來其實已經準備好要在西班牙台階上邊吃冰淇淋邊拍照的,結果天氣太熱,冰淇淋秒溶⋯⋯ 我明明就想學著奧黛麗赫本在那吃冰淇淋,感覺很浪漫的嘛⋯⋯

Trevi Fountain 特雷維許願池

Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Most Romantic -

I think this place is the most romantic place in Rome. Although it was full of people, I could still manage to throw some coins into the fountain. Everyone says that the first coin you throw into the fountain guarantees your return to Rome, the second one leads you to a new romance and the third one? a marriage! To be honest, I was a bit greedy that I threw quite a few, definitely more than three! Oops! If I did return to Rome someday, I'd be going to throw some more coins and make a new wish!

最浪漫 -


Which one is your favourite? What do you prefer? Fun or Romance?


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