Pleasure Seeking at Magnum 尋找夢龍的樂趣

How seriously do you take pleasure? I literally think that life is too short to live the same day twice. So I tend to live my days beautifully in the way I want. I was so pleased that Magnum made my day so special and unique. Thank you for inviting to the Pleasure Store in London. This experience was definitely a perfect ending to make my day complete.

對於尋找樂趣,你會上心嗎?我覺得人生真的說短不短,說長也不長,每一天也該好好地過,所以我都希望我每一天都在過我想要的生活。我很高興Magnum 夢龍的邀請,讓我這一天過得非常特別。這次的體驗的確讓我這一天劃上了一個完美的句點。

I was here for the Pleasure Store Closing Party in London to craft and create my very own personalised Magnum ice-cream. I found one in pink in the window display and I thought I could make one in pink as well since it would be so much special to the ones you could find in the supermarket. I started this party with a lovely champagne and I began creating the one and only Magnum after I had made my decision.


There were so many toppings that I could choose from. Basically, I chose everything that went well with the pink white chocolate base, so anything in red, purple and pink would do. (And yes, I had no idea what toppings I picked up, all I knew was their colours.)


Do you like my ice-cream? I think it was too pretty that I didn't even want to eat! But of course, I finished the whole thing and it was heavenly good!


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