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Pleasure Seeking at Magnum

How seriously do you take pleasure? We literally think that life is too short to live the same day twice. So we tend to live our days beautifully in the way we want. We were so pleased that Magnum made our day so special and unique. Thank you for inviting us to the Pleasure Store in London. This experience was definitely a perfect ending to make our day complete.

We were here for the Pleasure Store Closing Party in London to craft and create our very own personalised Magnum ice-cream. We found one in pink in the window display and We thought we could make one in pink as well since it would be so much special to the ones you could find in the supermarket. We started this party with a lovely champagne and we began creating the one and only Magnum after we had made our decision.

There were so many toppings that we could choose from. Basically, we chose everything that went well with the pink white chocolate base, so anything in red, purple and pink would do. (And yes, we had no idea what toppings we picked up, all we knew was their colours.)

Do you like our ice-cream? We think it was too pretty that we didn't even want to eat! But of course, we finished the whole thing and it was heavenly good!


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