RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017 查茨沃斯花展

Last week I was in Peak District to see a RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. I didn't know about this flower show until my friend asked me if I wanted to come with her. Why not? I thought I should join her so I did. However, to be honest, this flower show wasn't really something that I expected to be... it's more like a "commercial exhibition" for someone who's intended to buy flower or so. I wasn't here to buy anything so I just browsed around and took pictures randomly. I think this show is also good for someone who likes taking pictures of flower, as you'd see lots of different flower that you might not have seen before.

上個禮拜我到了英國Peak District 峰區Chatsworth 查茨沃斯的一個RHS花展。本來我其實不知道這個花展的,不過朋友問我有沒有興趣一起去看看,就覺得可以喔,於是去了。不過,說真的,這個花展跟我想像中的很不一樣⋯⋯ 這個比較像是一些賣花或相關產品的市集。我並沒有要買什麼東西,所以就到處走走拍拍照。我覺得這裡也挺適合一些喜歡拍花的你們來喔,因為你還有可能會看到一些你們以前沒看到過的花喔!

There's something more than just flower. They held exhibitions that showcased artwork or installation with flower, or something made by flower. The weather wasn't really good that day and it rained heavily. Luckily there were some indoor sections so my friend and I went inside to stay for a bit. Let's see what I've found inside?


Do you like taking pictures of flower? Well I'd say yes only if the flower is pretty! haha!


P.S. I recommend that if you are planning to go to see their show next year, make sure you wear appropriate clothing... probably I thought I was going to a "fashion show" instead of a "flower show", I wore a pair of heels and they were totally sacrificed since it was mud and dirts everywhere...  LOL

備註:我建議準備下一年要去看花展的朋友,記得一定要穿合適的衣物去⋯⋯ 大概我以為自己是去看時裝秀,我穿了一雙高跟鞋⋯⋯ 最後我的鞋子當然是壯烈犧牲了⋯⋯ 因為全沾上泥巴了⋯⋯

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