Seven Rila Lakes in Kyustendil

Visiting the Seven Rila Lakes was definitely the highlight of my Bulgaria trip. I accidentally found a day tour online and thought I should give it a go. I knew it would be super cold so I wore quite a lot but I totally forgot that I would be going to climb a snow mountain... I wore a pair of trainers only and my feet was frozen like a piece of ice, which was too painful that I could nearly feel nothing. I am so glad that I still survive after this.

The weather wasn't really good at the beginning. It was raining a bit. I was so worried about what I could actually see when I eventually arrived. As it was so foggy when I was on the chairlift. This chairlift took me a lot closer to the lakes in around 30 minutes. Imagine how cold it was... especially when you could only stay in the open-air for 30 minutes under this kind of weather condition...

And it's getting clearer when I almost reached there! It's literally a miracle! I love the view so much. This is my very first time to be on top of clouds outside of a plane! And it's not just a piece of cloud but a huge sea of clouds! How amazing it was!

Although the tour was for the Seven Rila Lakes, unfortunately most of the lakes was frozen or covered by snow. The view was still spectacular though!  

In which season would you prefer to see these lakes? Spring/Winter? Why? Tell me!

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