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"Swimming" with Fish in Singapore

Have you ever thought of being as close as possible with the sea and all of its creatures? I wish I could swim like a fish but unfortunately I can't... I can't even swim... It's sad but true. However, my dream has come true when I came to Singapore! I literally swam with them safely! Although I didn't take any picture when the time I was snorkeling, I can tell you that what I saw was something similar to what I'd found inside the S.E.A Aquarium Singapore. Now, I'm gonna show you something that I saw in the world's biggest aquarium first, and I'll tell you where I actually did snorkel with an affordable budget! Let's go!

To be honest, I still can't believe what I saw when I was there. I'm not really familiar with fish but all these sea creatures looks as mysterious as magic to me. I love the colours, the reflection and how different they are. I was super lucky that I captured the beautiful dolphins swimming freely (I wish) and breathing out (I guess).

So now it's time to share my first time snorkelling experience at the Adventure Cove Waterpark! First of all, I have to say that I was so surprised that I could actually experience snorkel for the first time inside a waterpark. Therefore, it wasn't really a very professional snorkelling that you would normally do elsewhere, but it was actually very good for someone who has never tried snorkelling before but would love to try and see if they like it or not! To be honest, I was so scared at the beginning since I can't swim but then I realised that I would "swim" with a lifejacket on... haha! That's why snorkelling is perfect for people who can't swim. And the thing is, this activity Rainbow Reef is actually included in the admission fee of the Adventure Cove Waterpark! The whole park was just amazing to me! I'm definitely coming back and I'd say this is the best waterpark from all over the world that I've been to so far!

Last thing that I wanna mention is the Henna tattoo that I've got inside Maritime Experiential Museum. I liked how they put glitters when they finished the Henna and it just made it a lot beautiful! I've never seen it like this before again although this would come off as soon as the Henna dried... Singapore was totally a place of surprises! By the way, these three places that I've mentioned here are very close to each other, so definitely check them out when you are in the nearby! Hopefully I'll see you again soon, Singapore!



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