"Swimming" with Fish in Singapore 在新加玻「與魚同遊」

Have you ever thought of being as close as possible with the sea and all of its creatures? I wish I could swim like a fish but unfortunately I can't... I can't even swim... It's sad but true. However, my dream has come true when I came to Singapore! I literally swam with them safely! Although I didn't take any picture when the time I was snorkeling, I can tell you that what I saw was something similar to what I'd found inside the S.E.A Aquarium Singapore. Now, I'm gonna show you something that I saw in the world's biggest aquarium first, and I'll tell you where I actually did snorkel with an affordable budget! Let's go!

你有想過跟大海和海中生物接觸嗎?我真的很希望我能像魚一樣地游泳,但很可惜我連游泳都不會…… 不過來到新加坡之後我的願望就成真了!我居然很安全地游了一陣子!雖然在我浮潛的時候沒拍到照片,但是我可以告訴你,我當時看到的就好像我在S.E.A Aquarium Singapore 新加坡水族館的一樣!我要首先給你們看看我在這個全球最大的水族館拍到的照片,然後再跟你們分享我去浮潛的好地方!

To be honest, I still can't believe what I saw when I was there. I'm not really familiar with fish but all these sea creatures looks as mysterious as magic to me. I love the colours, the reflection and how different they are. I was super lucky that I captured the beautiful dolphins swimming freely (I wish) and breathing out (I guess).

說實在,我到現在還是不敢相信我在這水族館裡面看到的一切!我對海洋生物其實並不是很了解,但是牠們看起來就好神秘,就像是魔法一樣!我喜歡那些顏色和水中的倒影,還有不同種類的牠們!而且我真的很幸運!我拍到了美麗的海豚自由自在地游泳 (我希望是真的),還拍到牠們在呼吸 (應該是,除非不是) 哈哈。

So now it's time to share my first time snorkeling experience at the Adventure Cove Waterpark! First of all, I have to say that I was so surprised that I could actually experience snorkel for the first time inside a waterpark. Therefore, it wasn't really a very professional snorkeling that you would normally do elsewhere, but it was actually very good for someone who has never tried snorkeling before but would love to try and see if they like it or not! To be honest, I was so scared at the beginning since I can't swim but then I realised that I would "swim" with a lifejacket on... haha! That's why snorkeling is perfect for people who can't swim. And the thing is, this activity Rainbow Reef is actually included in the admission fee of the Adventure Cove Waterpark! The whole park was just amazing to me! I'm definitely coming back and I'd say this is the best waterpark from all over the world that I've been to so far!

時機到了!我要跟大家分享一下我在Adventure Cove Waterpark 冒險灣水上樂園第一次的浮潛體驗!我不得不說我從來沒想到在水上樂園裡面可以浮潛!而且是我的第一次!我真的是覺得非常驚喜!不過我猜就是沒有很專業的了,畢竟是在一個水上樂園裡面(?) 但是我覺得這個對新手非常好,可以先試一下自己喜不喜歡浮潛嘛,喜歡才再去玩專業的,對吧?本來我是非常害怕,不過發現原來是穿著救生衣來玩,就沒那麼害怕了!所以不會游泳的你也可以玩的喔!重點是,這個「Rainbow Reef 彩虹礁」活動已經包括在水上樂園的門票裡面!整個樂園都非常棒!我一定要再回來!因為這個水上樂園暫時是我去過的裡面的冠軍喔!

Last thing that I wanna mention is the Henna tattoo that I've got inside Maritime Experiential Museum. I liked how they put glitters when they finished the Henna and it just made it a lot beautiful! I've never seen it like this before again although this would come off as soon as the Henna dried... Singapore was totally a place of surprises! By the way, these three places that I've mentioned here are very close to each other, so definitely check them out when you are in the nearby! Hopefully I'll see you again soon, Singapore!

最後我想說一下我在Maritime Experiential Museum 海洋體驗博物館裡面弄的一個Henna 印度海娜手繪。我很喜歡他弄完最後加了點閃粉!真的好漂亮!我從來沒見過這樣的海娜手繪,雖然乾了之後會掉的⋯⋯ 不過就真的是很漂亮!新加坡絕對是一個總是讓我覺得很驚喜的地方!喔對啦,順帶一提,這三個地方其實剛好就在旁邊,所以如果你們到了這附近,記得要去看看喔!希望下次再見啦,新加坡!



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