Top Rated City Attractions in Copenhagen

To understand more about the Scandinavian culture, you could possibly visit all 5 different countries in Northern Europe. Do consider Denmark as your first stop, as the capital city Copenhagen is proud to be the happiest city in the world. This isn't the only reason you should visit Copenhagen - their top rated city attractions are pretty impressive, too!

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Watching Marches by Royal Guards at Amalienborg Palace

This 18th century palace itself isn't as impressive as other grand palaces. However, the marches displays by their royal guards will definitely surprise you. There was no crowds or queues in the square, you should be able to enjoy the show without any "obstacles". What a great experience!

Nyboder, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wandering around the Neighborhood of Nyboder

Nyboder is actually just a residential area but what makes it special? Its brightly orange coloured wall with a touch of green framed windows and doors is very eye-catching. This place was even on screen as seen on some of the Hollywood movie like The Danish Girl. No wonder this place has now become so popular like everybody's going. Kindly remind you to keep your voice down while you are around. Shhhhh~

Observe the Day & Night at Nyhavn

No one can leave Copenhagen without a visit to Nyhavn. Why? As this place is the icon of either Denmark or Copenhagen. The harbour is filled with colourful houses by the sides, where you can also find loads of romantic restaurants serving freshest seafood and traditional Dutch cuisines. Don't forget to come by both in the daytime and nighttime so you get to see two different versions of Nyhavn.