Tropical Marrakech 熱帶風情的馬拉喀什

What would you expect to see when you came to Morocco? Before I came here, all I knew about this country was just a place that is part of Africa. And I was like, "What? OMG I'm finally going to Africa!" At the very first beginning, I thought Northern Africa was desert area and Southern Africa was full of forest. I was so shocked to see something that more than I expect... I couldn't find any desert in Marrakech and you might not even believe me but you could actually see snow mountains in Marrakech and that's just something I found it particularly interesting! Here's a garden that I fancy most and I am sure you'd like it too. It's a botanical garden called Jardin Majorelle which is full of tropical plants, especially those cute cactuses could make your day! There's more than just plants, as you could also find lots of beautiful Moroccan architectures inside. Look at that fountain, isn't the colour so unique, sharp and so Morocco? You should definitely put this into your bucket list, but be aware, this garden is so time-killing and you might not wanna leave in the end.

如果你到摩洛哥去玩,你會想到會看到什麼嗎?在來這之前,我就只知道這個國家是在非洲裡。然後我心想,什麼?我要去非洲啦!最初我就以為北非是沙漠地區,然後南非就只有熱帶雨林區。當我看到一些我完全沒有想到過的東西,我真的很驚訝⋯⋯ 第一,我在Marrakech 馬拉喀什找不到沙漠,第二就是,可能說了你們也不相信,我居然看到了雪山!真的很神奇,一直都以為非洲應該是要很熱才對?哈哈!在這裡我找到了一個非常熱帶的花園,裡面還有很多不同種類的仙人掌,非常可愛的!不過你不要以為就只有植物看喔,在裡面你還會找到很多好看的摩洛哥建築!記得要來的話要好好預算時間喔,因為你很有可能會逛到不想走了!

Jardin Majorelle (The Majorelle Garden) Rue Yves St Laurent By A-Maps, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

What else you shouldn't miss when you are in Morocco? food, of course! I took so much time looking for this Moroccan restaurant and this one is actually hidden somewhere in an alley... This restaurant is inside a very traditional ancient building which looks so cool and pretty especially it's open air in the middle so that you could actually see the beautiful sky when you are eating. (when the weather is good though. LOL) I am not intensionally introducing this restaurant to you, but I just wanna show you something that you really cannot miss, they are Tajine and Moroccan mint tea which basically I am sure you could find them somewhere else.

還有什麼是不能錯過的?這當然就是吃的啦!我花了很多時間,在某個小巷胡同裡找到了一家吃摩洛哥菜的餐廳⋯⋯ 這個餐廳是在一座很古老的建築裡面,而且中間是露天的,在這吃飯挺有感覺,由其是天氣好的時候哈哈!我其實沒有特別要跟大家介紹這家餐廳,不過我想跟你們分享一下兩樣不能錯過的「摩洛哥美食」,它們就是Tajine 塔吉鍋和摩洛哥的薄荷茶。這兩個東西,相信其他地方也會有的,放心!

Dar Cherifa 8, Derb Chorfa Lakbir, Mouassine, Medina, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

I think Tajine is the best Moroccan dish I have ever had, and it's definitely something that I'd order it over and over again. I personally think that it's delicious because it's been slowed cooked for a very long time which makes the flavour strong and rich in a good way. I think their rice is super tiny and very interesting to me, of course, in a good way too, haha! I have tried Tajines in few different restaurants and I'd say, I couldn't really taste the differences. Therefore, I do think that you could find something even better than the one I had here because the dish here is relatively more expensive (or overpriced) than the others. Although they offer excellent service and this spectacular view, it's up to you. 


The mint tea that I'm talking about here is totally different to what I knew of... To be honest, I'm not a big fan of either mint, or tea. However, this taste better than what I expected though. It's probably because Moroccan styled mint tea does "require" plenty of sugar... and by this, I mean A LOT. And this is why I think it tastes better because it's just like a sweet hot drink to me. LOL Try and see if you like it too?

這個薄荷茶,跟我認知的完全不一樣⋯⋯ 說實話,我自己就沒有很愛喝茶,也不是很喜歡薄荷。不過這個茶的確跟我想像的好喝多了。大概是因為摩洛哥的薄荷茶要配上超級無敵多的糖,所以對我來說,其實就好像在喝甜的熱飲而已哈哈!你也去試試看,看喜歡不?

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

I'm sorry that I have to stop here... why? It's because I spent too much time on wandering around their markets and finally realised everything was closed... so technically, I only have pictures of the garden and food that I ate afterward. LOL But it's okay! It just gives me another excuse to go back there again! Yeah!

很抱歉我寫不下去了⋯⋯ 原因是因為我花了太多時間在他們的市集上,最後發現全部景點都關門了哈哈⋯⋯ 所以技術上來說,我只拍了花園跟食物的照片⋯⋯ 不過沒關係,這又是一個很好的藉口讓我再回去啦!

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