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Visiting Versailles in a Day

Palace of Versailles is the Signature of Versailles

So basically when we talk about visiting Versailles, we literally mean the Palace of Versailles. We are sure that's what everyone refers to when they all talk about Versailles, too. And this was one of the reasons why we had to visit and to find out "why". We went there by train from the city centre of Paris, it took only about an hour to get there so it wasn't too bad honestly.

We spent the whole day there and we believed that we actually needed more time to explore a bit more! The whole area was huge and they have transfer service between each part of the garden. We didn't take the transfer, we walked by foot everywhere instead. Therefore, we were extremely exhausted after the long day... but it was totally worth it. 

Finding the Best Fountain Music Show in the Garden

We went to their garden first instead of going to the palace. The garden was super huge so you might need to spend quite a few hours there. It was actually like a maze to us so we almost got lost when we were there. It looked just like a secret garden! They do fountain music shows in several points with a timetabled system. Unfortunately we didn't mange to see the biggest one, but It would be nice if you could catch it.

Buying High Quality Souvenirs in the Palace

The palace part was amazing too. Although it was too crowded, we could still be able to take some pictures without people in them. Be sure to check out their souvenir shops as well! We actually bought a beautiful clock there (but we were too "lucky" to find out that clock didn't work when we got back home...) Hopefully you wouldn't experience something like this but still, the clock itself was as gorgeous as the palace.


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