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Weekend Break in Venice

Building in Venice with a water Taxi

The First Impression of Venice, Italy

This was our first time in Venice and we were so excited about that. As our impression of Venice was created by The Venetian hotel in Macau, or the one we think we all know of in Las Vegas, which we found it quite similar to what we saw in Venice. So basically, we went there mainly because of the Venice Biennale, but we still got a weekend free to explore this beautiful city ourselves. We took images of every single corner of Venice, since we had never seen a city like this before. Everything was built on water, that was the most special part we had ever seen. 

Sunset in Venice
Interior of Doge's Palace
The view from the Bridge of Sigh in Venice

Crossing the Famous Bridge of Sighs

We went to the Doge's Palace that is located in St. Mark Square to see the famous original Bridge of Sighs. We have no idea why people keep saying that both Bridges of Sighs in the UK (One in Cambridge, and the other one in Oxford) are similar to this one, but obviously it's nothing like that. We don't have a chance to really get inside to the ones in the UK, but we finally went inside this palace and went through the Bridge of Sighs to have a sense of what it's like. This would be the last chance for the prisoners to see the world through the tiny little windows on the bridge... and luckily we were only one of the tourists walking through there.

Colourful Building in Burano, Venice
A girl observing the sunset in Burano

Visiting Murano and Burano is a Must

You can't say that you have been to Venice without taking their water buses to some other individual islands nearby. We love Murano and Burano so much particularly. It wouldn't take long to get there and you should really go for it. Murano is the island that is best known for glass-made stuff, and there are lots of souvenirs made of glass such as keyring, pen, bracelet, earrings and literally everything that you could think of. They were all handmade with glass. You will realise how you cannot resist the glass product when you are actually there.

For Burano, which the island is well known for lace. If you are fond of any delicate lace products, you should definitely go on a Burano trip! You will have to go there anyway because all the houses there were in different bright colours! And that is probably something that you couldn't find elsewhere.

You could perhaps stay there for a bit longer and wait until the sun is set. You'll definitely enjoy it.



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