Weekend Break in Venice 威尼斯的週末假期

The First Impression of Venice, Italy

This was our first time in Venice and we were so excited about that. As our impression of Venice was created by The Venetian hotel in Macau, or the one we think we all know of in Las Vegas, which we found it quite similar to what we saw in Venice. So basically, we went there mainly because of the Venice Biennale, but we still got a weekend free to explore this beautiful city ourselves. We took images of every single corner of Venice, since we had never seen a city like this before. Everything was built on water, that was the most special part we had ever seen. 


我們非常期待來到意大利的威尼斯,這次是我們第一次來到意大利,也是第一次來到真正的威尼斯!因為以前小時候,我們都只有到過澳門的威尼斯人酒店,雖然感覺差不多,但就是不一樣喔!其實這次來威尼斯的目的主要是為了去兩年一次的 Venice Biennale 藝術展覽,不過我們當然不能錯過週末的空餘時間在威尼斯到處走走啦!我覺得這個城市最特別的地方是它的大部分建築都是建在水裡面,所以我們不能放過每個能夠拍美照和打卡的機會!

Crossing the Famous Bridge of Sighs

We went to the Doge's Palace that is located in St. Mark Square to see the famous original Bridge of Sighs. We am not so sure why people keep saying that both Bridges of Sighs in the UK (One in Cambridge, and the other one in Oxford) are similar to this one, but obviously it's nothing like that. We don't have a chance to really get inside to the ones in the UK, but we finally went inside this palace and went through the Bridge of Sighs to have a sense of what it's like. This would be the last chance for the prisoners to see the world through the tiny little windows on the bridge... and luckily we were only one of the tourists walking through there.


我們來到了聖馬克廣場裡面的總督府,目的就是為了去看一下那條非常有名的嘆息之橋 。全世界有三條嘆息之橋,其中兩條都分別在英國的劍橋和牛津,當然在威尼斯的這條是最原始的。雖然我們不知道為什麼大家都說三條橋都很相似,但是還是有分別的。我們是沒有辦法到英國的那兩條橋裡頭走走參觀,但我們最後決定了還是要去感受一下走嘆息之橋到底是什麼樣的感覺,所以我們便到了這宮殿參觀。這條橋其實是連接著宮殿與監獄,橋上的透明小玻璃正是讓囚犯能在進去之前再一次看一下這個世界,也是因為這樣,這橋有了嘆息之名。幸好我們只是一個來到這裡參觀的遊客哈哈。

Visiting Murano and Burano is a Must

You can't say that you have been to Venice without taking their water buses to some other individual islands nearby. We love Murano and Burano so much particularly. It wouldn't take long to get there and you should really go for it. Murano is the island that is best known for glass-made stuff, and there are lots of souvenirs made of glass such as keyring, pen, bracelet, earrings and literally everything that you could think of. They were all handmade with glass. You will realise how you cannot resist the glass product when you are actually there.

For Burano, which the island is well known for lace. If you are fond of any delicate lace products, you should definitely go on a Burano trip! You will have to go there anyway because all the houses there were in different bright colours! And that is probably something that you couldn't find elsewhere.


如果你沒有坐水上巴士去其他鄰近小島,怎能說你來過威尼斯呢?我們非常喜歡玻璃島和彩虹島。這兩個小島絕對值得一去,而且從主島出發前往也不需要很久就會到! Murano 叫玻璃島是因為島上主要是以賣玻璃製物品為生。產品都非常漂亮可愛!看到就忍不住都買了!從鑰匙扣、筆、手鐲和一些耳環,全部都是用玻璃做的,基本上你想到的東西都可以買得到!

至於 Burano 叫作彩虹島,是因為該島嶼上的房子都是色彩繽紛的!為了去拍照,當然不能不去了。這個小島也有屬於它們的產品,就是人手造的精美蕾絲產品。不過這個東西,就是不夠彩色房子吸引了!

You could perhaps stay there for a bit longer and wait until the sun is set. You'll definitely enjoy it. 


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