What to Do and What Not to Do in Lake District 一遊湖區前的心理準備

There are few things that we believe you should all know before actually going on a trip to Lake District... Let us first briefly tell you why... we did a wild camping trip in a campsite last week, and we even took our own bike there from Leicester to Lake District. The first night was horrible and unforgettable... it was not only raining, but pouring... all of us were literally soaked... and we spent few hours cycling to the campsite from Windermere railway station. We planned to do that but then we realised we could never make it there by midnight so we called a taxi instead. And the nightmare had just begun... 

我們將要告訴你們一些關於我們之前到湖區野營的事情⋯⋯ 絕對沒有誇大⋯⋯ 只是真的是要給你們一些心理準備。上星期我們到了某個營區露營,我們還帶著各自的自行車,從萊斯特出發到湖區。第一晚簡直是恐怖且畢生難忘⋯⋯ 下大雨⋯⋯ 像倒水一樣⋯⋯ 我們幾個都全身濕透⋯⋯ 而且我們花了好幾個小時從溫德米爾火車站一直騎自行車往營地出發,不過最後發現我們沒有辦法再騎下去,不然凌晨也不能到達,所以最後還是叫了計程車。然後惡夢才要開始了⋯⋯

What to Do 該做的

1. Reserve a Space for Your Bike before Getting on the Train

This is very important if you are taking your own bike on Train. We didn't know that so we just brought our bicycles on train. And we were refused to get on the train because we didn't make the reservation for our bikes... and this was why we arrived there late like 7pm.

一. 坐火車前要先預訂自行車的位置

如果你有打算要自己帶自行車去坐火車的話,千萬不要忘記這事情!我們就是完全不知道這事情,然後直接帶著我們的自行車上火車。結果因為沒有預訂自行車的位置,被拒上火車了。這樣一來我們就變成晚上7點才到達溫德米爾火車站了⋯⋯ 足足比原來的時間晚了幾個小時⋯⋯

2. Everything Waterproofed

This is extremely important and we mean it. We literally wore everything waterproofed so which was good. However, we put our sleeping bag on top of our backpack... so our sleeping bag was soaked and not even dried for the second night. We were sleeping underwater, seriously.

二. 防水!防水!防水!

真的!重要的事情要講三次!幸好的是我們穿的衣物都是防水的就沒什麼問題,可是⋯⋯ 我們把睡袋放在我們的背包上⋯⋯ 由於雨太大,我們的睡袋全濕了⋯⋯ 到第二個晚上還沒有乾透⋯⋯ 真的,這兩個晚上,真的覺得我們是在水裡面睡覺⋯⋯

3. Levens Hall Worths a Visit

This historical place reminds us of the well-known movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), and we found the garden so much like a secret garden that we'd get lost. There were so many plants and trees in different shapes! If you are also interested, you can have a look here.

三. Levens Hall 萊文斯大廳值得一看

如果你有看過經典電影剪刀手愛德華 (1990),這個地方一定會讓你想起一些電影情景!這裡就好像一個漂亮的秘密花園,有著很多剪成不同形狀的植物和樹木。如果你也有興趣,可以按這裡看看。

4. Go Ape! Go Wild!

We did a Tree Top Adventure there and it was amazing! We had so much fun there climbing trees and ropes! We were so scared at the beginning, not sure if we should really let go but we were glad that we did. We spent almost 5-6 hours there and we ended up sleeping inside the taxi back to our campsite.

四. Go Ape! 去吧!

我們去了一個遊樂園叫Go Ape!,完成了一個 Tree Top Adventure 挑戰。我們都玩得特別開心,到處爬樹爬繩子!剛開始我們是覺得很害怕,一直抓著繩子不放手,很猶豫到底要不要放開。很開心我們最後還是成功了,而且發覺最害怕的時候其實是在猶豫的時候!我們玩了差不多五到六個小時,之後坐計程車回去營地。在回程的路上,大家都睡到不省人事了哈哈!

What NOT to Do 不要做的

1. Do NOT Go Wild Camping under Bad Weather Conditions

Otherwise you would end up like what we experienced...

一. 千萬不要在不好的天氣下去野營

否則⋯⋯ 你可能將會跟我們有一樣的「糟」遇⋯⋯

2. Do NOT even Think that You Could Really Cycle in Lake District

We were arriving late on first night and we spent like 2 hours cycling and we only reached 1/3. (When Google maps indicated it should only take an hour to finish the whole route...) The second time we actually cycled for the whole route from our campsite to Go Ape! in Grizedale where Google maps almost showed us the same thing but it took us 4.5 hours to finally get there... And that was the last time we actually cycled and the rest of the time in Lake District were by taxi...

Why would that happen? Simply just because everywhere were uphills and mountains. There was no way for us to even walk with our bike! It was a terrible experience!

二. 不要以為自己可以在湖區輕鬆騎車


第二次騎車我們終於成功從營地騎到 Go Ape! 了。但是⋯⋯ Google 地圖其實也是顯示了差不多的時間,但是我們卻花了差不多四個半小時才真的到達⋯⋯ 而且剩下來的時間我們都沒有再要騎自行車了⋯⋯ 最後就是一直都在坐計程車⋯⋯ 主要原因其實就是因為湖區的路多是上山的,根本連推著車走路也有問題⋯⋯ 

3. Only Going there if You Could Drive

None of us can drive. And that was why we thought we could cycle instead, which we really couldn't. We ended up taking taxis all the time. And this made our total travel expense for this trip went up a lot higher. That was the very first time we wish we could really drive.

We hope you will have an unforgettable trip in Lake District in a positive way. Good luck!

三. 會開車就去吧

我們都不會開車,所以我們以為騎自行車就算了,結果連騎單車也有困難⋯⋯ 最後大家就只能不斷坐計程車。亦因為這樣,整個旅程的花費就高了很多了。這真的是第一次讓我們希望大家都會開車呢!


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