Where is Jungfrau? 少女峰在哪兒

Today's mission is to look for the famous Jungfrau from the other side of the mountain. Where exactly is it? Can you actually tell from the picture? Let me know if you could find out the answers after reading this, and see if I achieved the mission or not?


I was heading off to Mount Rigi from Lucerne, where you could take a ferry to Weggis, then you could take a cable car up to the middle point of Rigi mountain (Rigi Kaltbad), where you could take a mini train to the final stop Rigi Kulm. It sounds very complicated than you are actually doing it, while you can enjoy gorgeous Switzerland views from various public transports.

我從Luzern 盧塞恩出發到Mount Rigi 瑞吉山,你可以在那裡坐船到一個小鎮Weggis 韋吉斯,到了之後就可以坐吊車到達瑞吉山的中間點,之後便可以乘坐小火車到總站Rigi Kulm 瑞吉庫爾姆了。聽起來好像是有點複雜,但是實際上做起來,其實還是挺容易的,而且還能夠坐車又坐船地欣賞美麗的瑞士景色喔!

So the first stop of my journey: Weggis, which is around 40 minutes away from Luzern Bahnhofquai, is as pretty as a paradise on earth. If you had some spare time in between the next cable car service, you could possibly stay here for some pictures. Everywhere is photogenic in Switzerland! But remember, it is around 15-minute walking distance from Weggis ferry stop to the Rigi lift station. Make sure you don't miss it or you will have to wait for another half an hour. Well, that's not too bad, right?

行程的第一站就是韋吉斯啦,從盧塞恩的船站Bahnhofquai 坐去韋吉斯大概就只需要四十分鐘左右,這裡真的很美,美得不得了!所以如果下船後又不趕著去坐吊車的話,那你們可以在這多拍點照喔!瑞士好像是零死角似的!從下船的地方走到吊車站,大概需時十五分鐘,萬一錯過了一班車,就再等個半小時吧,應該也還好吧?

I guess waiting for half an hour isn't really that bad. However, if you missed an hourly service train, that's really bad. Therefore, I didn't really stay up here for long, otherwise I would have to spend another hour here of doing literally nothing... I guess I was here for 15 minutes, maximum? And then I did everything the other way round to get back to Luzern.

等半小時好像真的還好呢,可是如果你錯過了一個小時一班的小火車,好像就不是很好了⋯⋯ 所以我到了之後,便沒有待太久了,可能就待了最多十五分鐘吧?不然要再那多待一個小時,也真的不知道有什麼可以做的了。所以最後回程到盧塞恩的時候,就是把剛剛坐過的所有東西,再倒頭坐回去了。

Obviously I failed the mission totally. I wouldn't be able to tell where the Jungfrau was even when I saw the view myself in person. I would just say that Jungfrau was in front of my eyes anyway. LOL It was a bit rush today but I had so much fun! I wish I could do it all over again!

很明顯的是我的任務失敗了⋯⋯ 即便是我人在現場,我也根本沒有辦法告訴大家,到底哪一點是少女峰。但是無論如何,我都會跟大家說,少女峰曾經出現在我的眼前喔。今天來說是有一點趕,但還是很好玩呢!真的很想再來一次喔!

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