Yukata Experience in Osaka 浴衣體驗在大阪

What's better than wearing a yukata with your bestie? My friend and I was coincidentally in Osaka one day and we thought we should wear a yukata and take some pictures together! It was supposed to be a great idea until we realised how hot it was to wear such clothes like that... However, it's still better than the kimono I wore in Kyoto though... This one is a lot lighter in fabric, and at least I didn't need to wear a pair of socks under this killingly hot weather condition... LOL

來到日本最好不過當然就是跟閨蜜一起穿浴衣啦!我和我閨蜜剛好都在大阪,就想到要一起穿浴衣來拍寫真照啦哈哈!本來其實是一個很好的想法,結果在這時候穿上,發現真的要熱死我了⋯⋯ 不過,對比和服來說,這個已經是比較好了,至少比較薄,而且也不用在這麼熱的天氣下穿襪子⋯⋯

Wargo Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store 京都きものレンタル大阪大丸心斎橋店

Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Chuoh-ku Shinsaibashisuji 1-7-1 Daimaru Shinsaibashi Minami-kan 2F

大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1-6-27 大丸心斎橋南館中2階

Costume Hire Service 服裝租賃服務

My booking was an hour earlier than my friend so I went there before her. This one is actually a bit cheaper than the one I booked in Kyoto. However, the yukatas that they allowed me to choose from were so limited. I literally texted my friend and told her that I couldn't pick any from those... I found one at the end after a long struggling... LOL Well, that's proven you get what you paid. They also provide you a hairdo service if you pay a bit extra which I did. It wasn't that much but I guess it would make my look complete with a nice hairstyle.

我預約的時間比她早了一個小時,所以我先到那選衣服。這家其實比我在京都租的那家便宜點。不過⋯⋯ 他們能讓我選的款式真的超級少⋯⋯ 我當時還發簡訊給我朋友說我真的沒辦法挑到⋯⋯ 最後我掙扎了好久,挑了一件在裡面已經是最好看的一件⋯⋯ 所以真的是「你得到你所付出的」⋯⋯ 另外只要加一點點錢,他們便會提供髮型服務。我覺得髮型還挺重要的,不然感覺就好像整個造型不完整了,所以我加了。

I met my friend at Osaka Castle, so before that I had my own "photoshoot". She actually told me that she hated me because I picked the best one, so all she could pick was the blue one that she wasn't really impressed with. LOL Oh dear, I'm sorry. Perhaps you should pay more to "upgrade" your costume selection.


I guess this time wasn't as bad as the previous kimono one because I was kind of prepared either psychologically or physically after my previous experience. LOL


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