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Yukata Experience in Osaka

Taking Pictures in Yukata with Besties in Osaka

What's better than wearing a yukata with your bestie? You should wear a yukata and take some pictures together with your bestie if you ever had a chance! It was supposed to be a great idea until we realised how hot it was to wear such clothes like that in summer...

Wargo Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store | Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Chuoh-ku Shinsaibashisuji 1-7-1 Daimaru Shinsaibashi Minami-kan 2F

Their rental service was cheap. The yukatas that they allowed us to choose from were so limited. Well, that's proven you get what you paid. They also provide you a hairdo service if you pay a bit extra. It's advised to do so as it would make your look complete with a nice hairstyle.

Pay Extra to Upgrade Your Yukata Rental Plan

If you are willing to pay a bit more, you will then have a lot more choice on Yukata's selection. This "Yukata Experience" wasn't as bad as we thought, perhaps we were well-prepared psychologically and physically after our previous "Kimono Experience" in Kyoto.



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