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Imagine your toilet paper roll became a plush... it could look like our Toilet Paper Plush Stud Earrings, right? Our Toilet Paper Plush is super cute with two different facial expressions. Don't worry if it's too hard to decide which one to get... because you'll get both at the same time! Yeah!

Best for Thank You, House-warming, and more.

Toilet Paper Plush Stud Earrings

SKU: HK052426
    • Toilet Paper Plush Stud Earrings
    • Handmade in Hong Kong
    • Colours vary and depends on market supply
    • Photos are for reference only
    • Dimension: 1cm (L) x 1.5cm (W)
    • Material: Silver plated earrings, water resistant coated paper, beads
    • Complimentary Well Voyaged Message Card
    • Complimentary Standard Gift Wrapping

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