25 Travel Hashtags for Instagram

Are you an active Instagram user? Do you want to gain more exposures on it? Putting appropriate hashtags in your post can somehow help you achieve your goal. But here's a few things that you should keep in mind:

  1. No banned hashtags by Instagram otherwise all of the hashtags you used in your post will be disabled.

  2. Maximum 30 hashtags for each post at one time.

  3. Make sure the hashtags are not too broad like "# travel" or your post will only be up for a second, or less.

Following images shows our favourite 25 hashtags that we used frequently, and we believe that you should have a look if you are running out of ideas for your Instagram post. Here you go.

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# adventureseeker

# bestholidayever

# darlingescapes

# digitalnomads

# discoverearth

# doyoutravel

# exploretocreate

# getoutstayout

# helloworld

# instago

# keepitwild

# letsgoeverywhere