3 Years Later in Iceland

Have you imagined going back to the same place in some years later? Three years ago in 2016, we first landed in Reykjavik and we could still remember the very first image in our mind was an empty land covered all by snow everywhere outside that we saw from our window seat. We never thought we would come back but we did it three years later in 2019. This time we went everywhere that we'd been before, introduced our new buddy to the dishes we'd tried once, and went on a journey that we didn't experience earlier.

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*Desktop version: 2016 vs. 2019 From Left to Right

*Mobile version: 2016 vs. 2019 From Top to Bottom

The Incredible View from the Iconic Cathedral Hallgrimskirkja

We only found out that the cathedral is also an observatory tower until we came here again in 2019. We were so glad that we came and took lots of beautiful pictures of Reykjavik from the top near sunrise time about 11am. The sky gave an extra glory touch for a dull white snowy village. It was freezing but it was worth every penny we paid for the view. It was amazing.

Not to Miss the Sunrise in Reykjavik

Sunrise in Iceland is gorgeous! It's so beautiful that we couldn't find something else to compare it with. It's not only how the sunrise in front made our picture perfect, but also how you can catch sunrise without any struggles of waking up in the very early morning or possibly staying up for the whole night just for a sparkling moment! In Iceland, you could easily see sunrise and also sunset every single day with no effort at all in wintertime!

What is the Taste of Iceland?

Grillmarkaðurinn Lækjargata 2a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

This year we came back to the same restaurant that we went twice in 2016. We wondered if they were still in the same standard with high quality of food and service. The taste of Iceland wasn't changed much. It's still the same Icelandic taste from our memory. But when we looked at the pictures from the last time, we realised the portion of both dishes (the duck salad and pork ribs) seems to be a lot smaller than the ones from 3 years ago.

The Blue Lagoon Definitely Earned its Name

Blue Lagoon Iceland has been our all-time favourite attraction and it never disappointed us! Although it could get very busy sometimes, it's still worth a visit. Look at the pictures! Isn't it beautiful? It's a very unique experience of having a spa in front of a snow mountain and all the volcano surroundings. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny that you paid for.

Catch the One and Only Northern Lights in the Dark