8 Travel Collectives You Should Start Collecting Now

If you are a travel shopper, what do you usually buy when you are travelling? Here we've got you some tips on how to make your souvenir shopping worth every penny you spent:

  1. Collect items that grow in values

  2. Don't buy stuff that you don't even like

  3. Quality is the first priority

It's totally okay to shop during your travel journey. But first you should always think about what you'd like to collect as a cool collectors. Below is the list of 8 travel collectives that you should consider collecting immediately. Let's see if you've already started growing your collections, shall we?

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Banknotes in Different Currency

If you found it hard to save up money, perhaps collecting banknotes in different currencies from various countries and regions will give you a fortune. The pictures on the banknotes usually show a certain type of things that you could only find in that place. They are not just a piece of paper that you use during your travel journey, but they are also a little something that carries the meaning of your trip and the cultures behind.

Quality Coasters

Wouldn't be perfect if you could use what you've collected? If you like to host and enjoy inviting friends and family over to your house, consider getting gorgeous quality coasters from everywhere around the world including Portuguese Ceramic Tile Coaster (HK$338.00), or Turkish Magic Carpet Coaster (HK$148.00) ! It is always a good idea to identify the cup in a style, isn't it?

Coins from Everywhere

Another types of currencies that you should collect are coins. They are usually small in value therefore it won't hurt you by collecting a large amount of them. The colours and its shape vary; it could be in gold, silver or bronze, and in a shape of circle or hexagon. The images on the coins usually represent the signature of its country. You will be surprised that these small tokens might actually grow in great value in one day.