A Kaleidoscope Travel Guide to the Most Colourful Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as known as the city that never sleeps, is vibrant, beautiful and very energetic, just like a kaleidoscope. It's not surprised that you can find many colourful spots in such a gorgeous city. Now you can follow our visual travel guide to 8 places in Hong Kong filled with colours that you can't afford to miss! Let's discover Hong Kong more!

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8 Instra-worthy Colourful Places in Hong Kong
  1. Art Lane, Sai Ying Pun

  2. The Blue House Cluster, Wan Chai

  3. Choi Hung Estate, Choi Hung

  4. Flower Market, Prince Edward

  5. Rainbow Railings, Tuen Mun

  6. Rainbow Stairs, Wan Chai

  7. Soho Street Art, Central

  8. Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui

Art Lane - Artistic Area in Sai Ying Pun

This area is easy to spot from far because of its colourful graffiti on walls everywhere. It is by far the most artistic places in Hong Kong. Art Lane is like an outdoor art gallery in Hong Kong Island. Not only the tourists but also the locals enjoy exploring this art studio in their free time.

The Blue House Cluster - Historic Hong Kong Building in Wan Chai

There isn't just a house in blue; The Blue House Cluster is a diverse local neighbourhood in Wanchai where you can find loads of historic old building in different tones of colours from blue to yellow and orange to green. What makes it even special is the balcony of the building is relatively very rare to find in Hong Kong now.

Choi Hung Estate - A Rainbow Place in Hong Kong

Choi Hung, the literal meaning in Cantonese is rainbow, this place is probably the most colourful public housing in Hong Kong. Now you can see Hong Kong in a very local way - enjoy the perfect viewing point from the Choi Hung Estate upper playground and have fun playing basketball with kids and teens!