A Quick Guide to Al Fahidi Historical District & its Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai, United Arab Emirate

Experience the Past at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood (Al Bastakiya) is where you can discover the Old Dubai in deep. The whole area is located along the Dubai Creek, and this heritage site is still well preserved from the mid-19th century. Every single corner, each lane and street, and the old wind towers tells us a story before the United Arab Emirates. You are about to explore the historical buildings, the shopping and cultural experiences, as well as the authentic food and drinks with us. Escape the new Dubai and come to Al Fahidi to get the most our of your trip!

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Having Lunch at Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe

The busiest place in this area must be the Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe. There is always a queue outside. Not only tourist but also locals come here for the best tasty authentic Middle Eastern food in town and their excellent service and hospitality. One of their signature dish is the barbecue meaty kebab with bread. Order a main dish with a cup of mixed fruit juice or mint cooler to make your lunch complete.

Souvenir shop at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Looking for the Quality Arabian Souvenirs in the Shops

The most artistic and high-quality Arabian souvenirs can be easily found in the shops and boutiques here in this district. If you are looking for a colourful carpet for an Arabian Night, or a hand-painted leather art piece, this is where you should go. Buy everything in bulk and you might even get some discounts!

Wandering in-between Alleys for the Best Photo Spots

It seems like everywhere in Al Fahidi look the same, or similar. The desert sand is the main colour of old town. Look for the graffiti Arabian on wall, the details on the architectures and the hidden spot in-between alleys and lanes; these are things that represent the historical neighbourhood and they are certainly great for pictures!

Bur Dubai Souk Market, Dubai, United Arab Emirates