An "Amsterday" in Amsterdam

Central Amsterdam, Netherlands

What would you like to do in Amsterdam for a day? If you can't see everything in one day, which places-to-go or things-to-do will be your top priority? Everyone should have their own special "Amsterday" just like us! Keep on reading to discover things you can do; and many more nearby places to go while you are in Central Amsterdam. Let's get started!

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The canal, Central Amsterdam, Netherlands

Exploring the City on Foot / by Cycling

Amsterdam is best known as the Venice of the North due to the large numbers of canals built across the dam of the river. It is very easy to browse around the city since everywhere is connected by footbridges. All major attractions are within walking distance in the city centre. Cycling is also a popular activity in the city. Since there are more bikes than residents in Amsterdam, it is not difficult to rent a bike for a day while you are there.

Top Sights in Amsterdam:

  1. Rijksmuseum - an art museum housing European masterpieces

  2. Van Gogh Museum - an art museum housing world's largest Van Gogh collection

  3. Anne Frank House - a museum of WWII teenage diarist's house

  4. Royal Palace Amsterdam - an ornate golden age royal palace & venue

  5. Dam Square - the main square of Amsterdam

  6. De Wallen - a neon-lit red-light district

Watching the Sunset till Dusk

The buildings in Amsterdam aren't tall enough to block the beautiful sunset. Therefore, you should be able to spot this natural phenomena everywhere in the city. In case you are looking for the best place to enjoy the view, Amsterdam Central station is no doubt the best place for watching sunset. You will also be able to join the canal cruise tour over there. What a great way to complete your day!

Bonus: Getting a Train to Anywhere else away from Central Amsterdam

Most direct trains to other major cities from central Amsterdam will be departed from Amsterdam Central station. So if you are travelling to somewhere else within Netherlands, or even to another country such as Belgium, you should take the train from there. Scroll down for more if you are ready to visit some other popular travel destinations within Netherlands.

High Rated Places to Reach from Amsterdam within the Country: