Discovering Hometown Hong Kong as a Tourist

I have been living in this city for over 18 years where I used to find it boring, ordinary and nothing special. I decided to leave my hometown and start my exciting travel journey 4 years ago and I finally had time to "travel" back to my hometown last summer. This was actually the most inspiring trip to me ever as I went back home "as a tourist". This was the very first time I literally thought that I visited my hometown like what I usually did in other places. I saw things differently...

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I went up to The Peak to take tourist photographs, which I hadn't really done it before. It felt like I finally found the beauty of my hometown and I couldn't stop hunting for different photo spots for my new projects. What is your favourite angle of looking at the Victoria Harbour? I think I can't really pick one and I just love every single of them.

As you know, there's a lot of buildings in Hong Kong, where also has got the most skyscrapers on earth. That's why I decided to take a "building" tour and see what pictures I could get from them. These buildings are old and "sophisticated" which have a long history and a traditional background of Hong Kong.