Eat, Play, Love in Macau

The best thing on earth has to be food! I love eating very much and I think this is always the most important part of my travel journeys! There's not much to do in Macau so I spent quite a lot of time in hunting for good restaurants and eating. Now I am so hungry when I am throwing back to these mouthwatering food. Let's see what I had when I was there!

I came to this restaurant specially for their well-known dish: Crab Butter Fried Noodles with Octopus Cakes. I literally came here twice for the Octopus cakes! It's crispy outside but soft and juicy inside. I tried this noodle with and without the crab butter and I think they were both tasty. But I prefer the one without it because it's cheaper and less oily. 

澳門新龍記 | 新橋(三盞燈/白鴿巢)沙梨頭南街29號地下E鋪, Macau ★★★★☆

This restaurant is best known of their Congee with a King Crab so I ordered one to try. I also order some octopus balls too. The portion was huge even for two of us. Therefore I think it's still reasonable for the relatively high prices. The congee was amazing! It tasted so good probably because it had been slow cooked for a very long time, which made the soup base so rich and very delicious. And the octopus balls were something similar to the octopus cake that I tried earlier, but it went so perfectly with the congee as well.

誠昌飯店 | 氹仔舊城區官也街28-30號, Macau ★★★★★

Holy Cheese! If you are a fan of cheese, you have to try this! This tiny cheese tart has three different flavours: Original (Cheese), Matcha, and Chocolate. I had tried every single flavour of them and I think the best one was the original. Why? It's because it's so holy cheese! Don't ask me why I didn't take picture of it. Shhhh I ate it straight away before my camera did. I think the Matcha one didn't really taste much of Matcha, and the Chocolate one tasted like a normal chocolate tart without cheese bit. If you ever wanna try them all, I'd suggest that eating them separately, otherwise you'd feel super full as they are so filling.

Holy Cheese 芝士工坊 | 323, R. do Regedor, Macau ★★★★☆

Pork Chop Bun is a very well-known snack in Macao and this is something that I always eat when I am in Macau. I usually went somewhere else for the bun but this time i tried something new instead. And I think this was the best pork chop bun I've ever had! This one is a little bit different to the ones that I usually ate because it added a slice of cheese inside and I just loved it so much! The pork chop was so crispy, juicy and tender. Everything was just so perfect together! The only thing that I wasn't sure about was the pork chop wasn't boneless so it was a bit difficult to eat. However, I'd still rate it 5 stars because it's cheap and delicious! It's worthy!