Finding the Best Traditional Polish Dish

Food hunting has always been my first priority not just during my trips but also in my whole life. I tend to try the local cuisines when I'm travelling. I guess that's the spirit for travel, isn't it? I don't usually do research about food and drink, or any specific dishes that I shouldn't miss. However, I'd always love to go to restaurants that will do local cuisines. So here's two Polish restaurant that I found when I was in Warsaw Old Town. Let's guess which dish was my most and least favourite?

The most significant Polish dish is pierogi which actually means Polish dumplings. This restaurant is best known for their dumplings so that I came to try. From what I observed, most customers tended to order the sweet dumplings as their main courses which I was very confused about... since I had known savoury dumplings since I was born... that's why I didn't try any of their sweet dumplings such as blueberry or strawberry ones. I ordered a pot of potato dumplings with creamy mushroom sauce and a potato pancake, and I also ordered two lemonade, one with mint and one without. I personally think that the lemonade was too sour for me so I'm not a fan of that. But I like that potato dumplings a lot. The potato dumplings doesn't look like a dumpling to me though, I felt like I was eating some potato balls. I like the texture very much as it's kind of chewy (in a good way) on the surface but creamy inside like mash. The sauce was perfect for them too. I don't find any differences of the taste between the pancake and the dumplings but I kind of like the dumplings more.

Zapiecek | Freta 18, 00-227 Warszawa, Poland ★★★★☆