Finding the Trace of Harry Potter in Central Edinburgh

Harry Potter fans look no further! Edinburgh isn't just the capital city of Scotland in the UK but also where the Harry Potter series was born. It's not that difficult to find the trace of this wizarding world in this Muggle-filled city. Follow us today to discover more places in Edinburgh that no Harry Potter fans should miss out! Let's make the magic happen, shall we?

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Victoria Street Edinburgh is Where the Magic Begins

Victoria Street, or best known in its magical name Diagon Alley is one of the busiest district in Old Town Edinburgh where it has the most colourful houses in the city. Just like the movie scenes, many restaurants and shops can be found within the area. And it's not surprised that you could even buy things like wands, robes or brooms that are on the Hogwarts supply list.

Quality Harry Potter Souvenirs in Victoria Street

Museum Context is where you can find all the items (or almost everything) on the Hogwarts supply list. Muggles or No-Maj won't be able to use them in a magic way so they became some quality souvenirs that everybody loves! The interior setting is so realistic that would make you believe you somehow walked into the movie. Get ready to spend some money here!