Having Eggcellently Tasty Dishes

Anyone loves eating eggs like we do? Egg isn't just something tasty but it's super nutritious. It's one of the ingredients that is commonly found in many different kinds of dishes. We've come up so much egg dishes that can easily be found in Hong Kong. You should definitely give it a go in the coming Easter holiday for an alternative Easter Egg Hunt this year!

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Omelette with Toast is a Perfect Breakfast Choice

Just like its name, this is a cute place for you to relax and refresh. It's an excellent cafe for breakfast, brunch or simply just a cup of coffee. Their omelette is mixed with bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese. It's everything you'll ever need in one omelette! The price range is high; but you get what you pay for. What else is better than starting a good morning with their all day egg breakfast?

Relax & Refresh | Tanner Court, 60 Tanner Rd, North Point ★★★★☆

Three Stacks of Soufflé Pancake will Make Your Day

If eating three stacks of pancake isn't enough for you, go Soufflé! These fluffy Soufflé pancake will definitely fill your tummy up! They are soft and light, airy, sweet and very rich in the taste of egg! In here, you can grab a hand-shake tea, order one or maybe two desserts from a collection of their signature cake, Napoleon and pancake, and enjoy your brilliant day with friends and family.

Tearapy | No. 189 Portland Street, Mong Kok ★★★★☆

Italian-Chinese Fusion Cuisine is the Best Combo

This restaurant is best known for their interior, but do you know about their food well? They do Italian cuisine with a touch of Chinese style - just like the spaghetti we ordered. It's mixed with asparagus, mushroom and "golden" crab meat with a salty egg york sauce. We don't usually see salty egg york in pasta as this is kind of a Chinese thing but they come out so good that we could't resist every single bite of them.

OMG 漫花燈火 | 1/F Silka West Kowloon Hotel, No. 48 Anchor Street, Tai Kok Tsui ★★★★☆