How to Play Mr Jack: New York Board Game: Rules & Review

Here's always the biggest question for gamer couple: why is it so difficult to have someone over for a game night? A board game for just two players is definitely the best and the only solution for you. Mr Jack in New York is a great quick tabletop game for everyone who enjoys playing a themed strategy game. Read on to find out how to play and what we think about the game!

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Category - Strategy

Difficulties - ★★★★☆

Players - 2 Players

Playing Time - 30 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 14+


  • 8 double-sided Character tokens in 8 different colours

  • 8 gold Character cards

  • 8 dark-blue Alibi cards

  • 1 double-sided Witness card

  • 1 game board

  • 1 Turn marker

  • 1 double-sided Informant token

  • 4 double-sided Building site tiles

  • 7 double-sided Metro entrance tiles

  • 6 double-sided Gaslamp tiles

  • 2 Investigation tiles

  • 2 transatlantic Steamer tiles

  • Rule book

How to Win

One player takes the role of Mr Jack while the other player takes the role of the police Detective. Whoever finishes the game under certain conditions will win at the end of game! More details are in End of Game section.


  • Decide who will be playing the role of Mr Jack and the Detective.

  • Place all the required tokens, tiles and all 8 Character tokens with their suspect side face up on the game board as indicated in the Rule Book or at the back of the box.

  • Shuffle all 8 Character cards and 8 Alibi cards; then place them face down next to the game board.

  • Place the Witness card with its visible side up next to the playing board for the first round.

  • Put the Turn marker on the first space of the round track.

  • The Mr Jack player takes a look at a random Alibi card secretly and places it face down in front of him. This character will be the only one without an Alibi card and it represents Mr Jack.

How to Play