Itinerary Reveal: 2 Days in Ho Chi Minh City

What can you get from Ho Chi Minh in two days? I'm going to share with you a detailed plan I've made for my trip to Ho Chi Minh City, from visa upon arrival application and two different hotel experience, to authentic dishes and tourist attractions recommendation. Everything will be revealed here for you. Let's get well-prepared for your own Ho Chi Minh City trip now, shall we?

Day 1

Granting a Visa upon arrival at the Immigration & Passport Control

I thought it would take some time to have it done but I actually got it within half an hour. Make sure you have everything ready, and filled out the application form before landing. It will definitely save you a lot of time. They accept cash only, so prepare US$25 in cash, and don't forget two passport photos, and also the approval letter from the official visa partner of Vietnam immigration.

Checking in at Duna Hotel

I can't find a right word but only crap to describe this hotel... I would say there's nothing right in this place... Everywhere has been worn out and mouldy. There's even no hot water in the shower. The bed sheet was dirty and unclean. I couldn't bear to stay any longer so I changed another hotel in the next day. It didn't worth a penny. Even though they offered breakfast in the deal, the breakfast was very basic. It was just my worst hotel experience ever.

Walking around in Saigon Area

Saigon is located in the city centre. There're quite a few things that you shouldn't miss in this area: In a historical building, there's a Saigon Central Post Office where you can find everything from post office service and collection stamps, to market and souvenirs. Don't forget about Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon! It is just right opposite to the post office. Unfortunately it was closed for construction so I didn't have a chance to get in. Following the path of Ngyyen Hue City of Walking, where you can possibly find nearly nothing special, but the Bach Dang Harbour Garden is definitely a nice place to relax after a long walk.

Knowing more about the Ex-President Ho Chi Minh

If you are curious about the ex-president Ho Chi Minh, there's a museum Ho Chi Minh Museum about him just right opposite to the Bach Dang Harbour Garden. However, if you are not interested in history, you might find this museum quite boring. It is still a nice place for the harbour view of Ho Chi Minh City.

Having the Localist Pho in Ho Chi Minh

How can you not have the most authentic pho before leaving Vietnam? Here at Pho 2000, they offer not just the localist environment for food, but also mouthwatering dishes like mixed seafood pho, crispy shrimp & pork roll, and even their mango smoothie was so tasty and fresh!

Getting Lost in Cho Ben Thanh Market

This market could be a great bargain if you put more effort on it. I feel like this place has become more touristy from time to time so the shoppers know the tricks. Start everything from half price, and you would find it very surprised how you eventually got something a lot cheaper than you expected. This market is extremely huge and quite a mess. So be prepared that you would spend some times looking for the way out, or wandering around the same blocks for a few times.

Going for a High-end Dinner with Fantastic Night View

If you are looking for somewhere relaxing in this bustling city, Shri Restaurant & Lounge could be your choice. This restaurant is located in a skyscraper on 23th floor. They