London's Best Art Galleries & Museums

London is a very artistic city; it has the most art galleries and museums across the entire country. Most of the national museums, and some commercial art galleries in London are free entry. That's the reason why they are all very popular in the city and loved by the locals, artists and tourists as well. In the article, you'll able to find out some of the best places in London you should definitely visit if you are interested in art. Let's read on and discover more with us!

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National Portrait Gallery

The very first art gallery in portraiture in the world was built and opened in London in 1856. This portrait gallery is home to a huge collection of historical VIPs such as kings and queens from 17th century and very well-known British people in the modern days. You could meet them all in either oil painting form or framed photographs in this gallery.

Serpentine Gallery

Located inside the Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park (the biggest park in London), this small-yet-beautiful art gallery situates next to a peaceful lake, continuously hosting temporary exhibitions of world's famous contemporary art from their vast collections. Sometimes they also host outdoor exhibitions for sculptures and installation work.

Saatchi Gallery

This contemporary art gallery was opened first in North London, then moved to the South Bank and finally settled in current location in Chelsea for many years now. If you are interested in mixed media art, this is another great gallery that you should definitely come visit when you are in the nearby.

Tate Britain

This British art national gallery is part of the Tate galleries network across England. It was first known as the National Gallery of British Art, and the Tate Gallery for a period of time before 2000. Unlike other Tate galleries, this is the only Tate gallery that showcases and focuses on national art and British art.