"Swimming" with Fish in Singapore

Have you ever thought of being as close as possible with the sea and all of its creatures? I wish I could swim like a fish but unfortunately I can't... I can't even swim... It's sad but true. However, my dream has come true when I came to Singapore! I literally swam with them safely! Although I didn't take any picture when the time I was snorkeling, I can tell you that what I saw was something similar to what I'd found inside the S.E.A Aquarium Singapore. Now, I'm gonna show you something that I saw in the world's biggest aquarium first, and I'll tell you where I actually did snorkel with an affordable budget! Let's go!

To be honest, I still can't believe what I saw when I was there. I'm not really familiar with fish but all these sea creatures looks as mysterious as magic to me. I love the colours, the reflection and how different they are. I was super lucky that I captured the beautiful dolphins swimming freely (I wish) and breathing out (I guess).