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The Highlight Travel Guide to Sai Kung Town Centre

Sai Kung, as known as the garden of Hong Kong isn't as far as any other outlying islands away from town but it still feels distant to any other places in the city. This area is huge enough to have its own town centre and it is basically the door to each amazing islands, beautiful heritage sites and of course, some world-class geographic national parks. Let's follow us to the most mysterious town centre in Hong Kong now!

Complete Your Sai Kung Visit with an Island Hopping Boat Trip

The easiest, also probably the quickest way to sightsee the whole Sai Kung is to take an island hopping boat trip from Sai Kung Public Pier. This actually sounds so touristy but it's not surprised that this is quite a popular family-friendly activity for the locals during weekends. You shall be able to take a sweeping view of many beautiful volcanic rocks and sandy beaches from your seat. At the end of the trip, you will be able to stay in Kiu Tsui Beach on Sharp Island for a bit before you return to Sai Kung Town Centre.

Look for the Freshest Seafood at Sai Kung Seafood Street

Everyone comes to Sai Kung for the best seafood in a local restaurant. And Seafood Street is where you should go for a great seafood meal! It could be very pricy as it depends on the season and the catches of the day. Most seafood restaurants in Sai Kung charge you for the sauces and wipes, too. Therefore, it is advised to share with a group of friends and have the bill split.

Shop at Sai Kung Boutique & Weekend Market

The boutique here in Sai Kung is unique and can't be found elsewhere in the city. If you are looking for handmade accessories and jewelleries, custom-printed tote bags and quality home decors, come visit the outdoor market along the Sai Kung Waterfront Promenade. Let's support local businesses together!

Understand the Existence of Sai Kung in a Museum

UNESCO Geopark Volcano Discovery Centre is a small museum located in Sai Kung Waterfront Park that covers the information of how to unique hexagonal volcanic rocks created in Hong Kong. It gives you the basic knowledge about volcanology and introduces the geoparks in Sai Kung areas. In addition, this museum features some interactive displays and provides free guided tours of the whole centre. What a fun way to understand more of Sai Kung and the volcanology of Hong Kong!

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