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The Hiking Adventure in Edinburgh

There's two easily accessible hills in Edinburgh and I guess if I lived nearby I'd definitely go hiking every day. The weather was super perfect for hiking! The first hill that I went to was a huge park called Holyrood Park. This park is more than just a park, it offers us an amazing view from all the angles, and where the top point is well-known as Arthur's Seat. It took me an hour to climb up there from the starting point of the main walking path. I'd say it's totally worth the climb! The view was as amazing as heaven, probably because it was a sunny day. So don't go up there if the weather's bad otherwise it would ruin your day!

There's also something that I didn't expect to see when I was on the way to the famous Arthur's Seat which was the Saint Anthony's Chapel Ruins. I saw loads of huge rocks from far and I was super curious to find out what they were. Although there's only a few ruins there, the viewpoint was amazing too. I guess you could also check this out if you found this on your way up to the hills.

And finally... finally I felt like I was on top of the world! Here was getting busier later on so if you could make it early, make it even earlier. This was actually one of the best views that I'd never forget in my whole life.

The second hill that I went up to was Calton Hill. This one is a lot closer to the centre and it's super easy to climb I swear! It only took me 5 minutes or so to get up to the top. I'm not sure if you would call it hiking or not. LOL Therefore, the view wasn't as spectacular as the Arther's Seat... well, it's proven that you get what you "pay".

I actually believed that Calton Hill shouldn't be named as a hill but more like a park, and the Holyrood Park should be named as a hill instead... anyway, Calton Hill is still worth a visit because, why not? It won't take you long though.

I enjoyed myself very much today and I will definitely return if I had a chance! I love Edinburgh so much! It's such a beautiful comfy city to stay, or probably live in! See you again soon.

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