The Most Irish Travel Guide to Dublin

What's the idea of travelling? We travel somewhere new in order to understand more of a place that we have never known it well. This is why we should always travel somewhere like a local; You should still travel a place as a tourist but at the same time you should visit one place through a local's eye. Now follow us to Dublin and discover things that what the Irish do in Dublin on the weekends!

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What to Do in Dublin During Weekends

For Couple:

Phoenix Park is the top one city park that every local go during weekends. But why exactly is it couple's favourite? It is not just because you could possibly see wild reindeers in the park if you are lucky enough, this park is also massive enough for every couple to enjoy cycling, ride a horse, have a picnic, or even read a book together underneath a tree in the nature. What a great place for all these romantic activities on every couple's bucket list!

For Family:

No other family activities can beat this - going on a trip to Dublin Zoo in the Phoenix Park is every child's dream. All kids will fall for this place immediately once they arrived. Dublin Zoo is the largest zoo in Ireland which has exotic forests exhibits and animals from all over the world. Remember to purchase your tickets on their website in advance to guarantee your visit!

For LGB:

There are many places that are LGBTQ-friendly, but there are not so many churches, or probably just one in Dublin is totally LGBTQ-friendly. No matter if you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or even straight, you are gonna love this eatery in a church. This cafe, bar & restaurant has the best atmosphere, offering music performance by different in-house bands, dancers and other performers. You are gonna enjoy a luxury meal in such a fun place. We just loved everything there so much!

The Church Cafe, Late Bar & Restaurant | Junction of Mary St. and, Jervis St, Dublin 1, D01 YX64, Ireland ★★★★★