Travel with "Mini Europe"

Have you ever thought of being in a several places at one time? If you couldn't decide which city in Europe is your favourite, perhaps you should come here and it might tell you which stop you should make your next visit! Mini Europe is an amusement theme park in Brussels, Belgium with mini version landmarks in Europe on a 1:25 scale, you can find recognisable architectures from iconic windmill and signature tower to gorgeous gate and historical building. I still couldn't believe that I was once taller than a "building"! I love the picture of me with the miniature! It's one of my best memories from my Brussels trip!

So, what is your favourite city in Europe? Pictures below are some of the signature icons in real and in miniature. Let's see if they did a great job on the mini version or not?

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

So this is a 25 times smaller Brandenburg Gate in Mini Europe. Can you also spot the Berlin Wall there? I have to tell you that I didn't see it until I saw the picture over and over again... what a shame! Make sure you look everything in details or you will regret it!

Doge's Palace at St. Mark Square in Venice, Italy

It's also a shame that I didn't take a picture of the whole St. Mark Square when I was there because it was too crowded with people and pigeon everywhere! This miniature doesn't say it right as I didn't see any pigeon around. LOL

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

There's quite a few different sizes of Eiffel Towers around the world from Las Vegas and Macau to Brussel here! They all look the same but also different at the same time. However, I think the real one never fail. Do you agree?

Big Ben in London, UK

Oh, so this is how Big Ben looks like when it became a Small Ben. This small one looks as amazing as the big one. I think this miniature is the best one from what I've found there, as it looks exactly like the real one, locating beside the river.

The Windmill in Zaandam, Netherlands

I'm sure you can find windmill everywhere around the world. However, I can tell this one is definitely from Zaandam, Netherlands at my first sight since I have seen one in my life. It's so iconic and has its own Holland style that you would never misrecognise it.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

I guess I know which one you would vote for. The mini one doesn't look impressive to me. It looks so different to the real one that I almost couldn't recognise it. The miniature isn't as colourful and detailed as the real one. This mini version of Nyhavn is quite disappointing...

The Grand