What to Do and What Not to Do in Lake District

There are few things that we believe you should all know before actually going on a trip to Lake District... Let us first briefly tell you why... we did a wild camping trip in a campsite last week, and we even took our own bike there from Leicester to Lake District. The first night was horrible and unforgettable... it was not only raining, but pouring... all of us were literally soaked... and we spent few hours cycling to the campsite from Windermere railway station. We planned to do that but then we realised we could never make it there by midnight so we called a taxi instead. And the nightmare had just begun... 

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What to Do

1. Reserve a Space for Your Bike before Getting on the Train

This is very important if you are taking your own bike on Train. We didn't know that so we just brought our bicycles on train. And we were refused to get on the train because we didn't make the reservation for our bikes... and this was why we arrived there late like 7pm.

2. Everything Waterproofed

This is extremely important and we mean it. We literally wore everything waterproofed so which was good. However, we put our sleeping bag on top of our backpack... so our sleeping bag was soaked and not even dried for the second night. We were sleeping underwater, seriously.

3. Levens Hall Worths a Visit

This historical place reminds us of the well-known movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), and we found the garden so much like a secret garden that we'd get lost. There were so many plants and trees in different shapes! If you are also interested, you can have a look here.

4. Go Ape! Go Wild!

We did a Tree Top Adventure there and it was amazing! We had so much fun there climbing trees and ropes! We were so scared at the beginning, not sure if we should really let go but we were glad that we did. We spent almost 5-6 hours there and we ended up sleeping inside the taxi back to our campsite.

What NOT to Do

1. Do NOT Go Wild Camping under Bad Weather Conditions